XL Bruce Joins Terrifyingly Cute JAWS Rubber Duckies

Not only is Steven Spielberg’s Jaws the first ever summer blockbuster, it’s still hands down the best blockbuster about summer. And it’s also the best movie blockbuster movies taking place on the 4th of July holiday. Yes, even more so than Independence Day, despite its title. Even though summer is on its way out, you can recapture all of its magic with some Jaws cosplaying rubber duckies. These collectibles are once again coming to you from the creative folks at TUBBZ and Numskull designs. A new Bruce rubber duck has even joined this Jaws line, and this shark comes in an extra large size.

Jaws rubber ducks with giant bruce collection

In total there are now five Jaws cosplaying rubber duckies. You can check out images of each one down below. Feel free to play the famous John Williams theme now. We’re already hearing it in our heads.

Bruce the Shark cosplaying rubber duckie.


All of our Jaws shark hunting heroes represent in these adorable cosplaying duckies. You’ve got crotchety old Quint, shark expert Matt Hooper, and Sherriff Martin Brody. Each duckie comes in a tiny tub with the classic Jaws logo and imagery.

Martin Brody from Jaws rubber duckie from TUBBZ.


And, of course, there’s Bruce the Shark. For those of you confused by the idea of the shark having a name and wondering when the heck the movie named him, it didn’t. “Bruce” was the name of Steven Spielberg’s lawyer, so on the set of Jaws, that was the nickname given to the shark model that never really worked properly. Hence, the shark named Bruce in Finding Nemo. 

Bruce is such an important character that Tubbz also released an XL-sized Bruce the Shark, one of only five XL ducks the company has ever released. He is “150% bigger than the other TUBBZ.”


Quint from Jaws rubber duckie from TUBBZ.


Sadly, there’s no S.S. Orca boat to go with them. They’re all just going to have to trade war stories and do drunken sing-a-longs in the tub with you instead. The Jaws cosplaying duckies are the latest in a line from TUBBZ featuring characters from beloved films and TV shows.

Matt Hooper from Jaws cosplaying rubber duckie.


These Jaws rubber ducks follow up other fantastic cosplaying duckies from Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Ghostbusters, Jurassic Park, and more. To pre-order your Jaws rubber duckies and see more images, head on over to Numskull.com.

Originally published on July 29, 2021.

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