James Gunn Will Play Himself in HARLEY QUINN Animated Series

If anyone has this whole “superhero” thing figured out it’s James Gunn. He has now written and directed successful movies for both Marvel and DC. With that kind of resume he can pretty much do whatever he wants. And apparently what he wants to do next is get himself animated. After directing Margot Robbie’s live-action version of the character, Gunn will play himself in HBO Max’s Harley Quinn series. In a guest role that raises all sorts of meta questions we doubt Harley or Gunn will care about. But Gotham’s Dark Knight will definitely care why Gunn is in town.

Director James Gunn and the animated series Harley Quinn
Warner Bros.

The man behind both The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker will add another DC property to his IMDb page with an animated guest spot during Harley Quinn‘s third season. The show’s co-creator Patrick Schumacher first shared the news (which we originally learned about at Gizmodo) during this year’s SXSW. That’s when he also announced Dr. Harleen Quinzel is getting her own spinoff series about a bar that caters to super villains.

Gunn isn’t headed to the evil tavern. He’s going to Gotham on the original series to make a movie about Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s ill-fated father. The Batman just presented a less heroic version of the character, but we can’t imagine what the adult-oriented Harley Quinn will do with the dead dad. Whatever it is we guarantee Bruce won’t be happy about it. We should probably expect the Caped Crusader to shut down production before Gunn can unearth whatever secrets died with his father.

Harley Quinn has a drink at Noonan's, a bad guy bar in Gotham City.
Warner Bros. Animation

This guest spot also raises meta questions about the DC universe. Does this mean James Gunn’s DC projects exist within the world too? Or is he only making Marvel superhero movies no one ever talks about? And will Harley Quinn know who he is or that they “worked” together before?

We expect (and actually want) zero answers to those questions. But if James Gunn feels like answering them he will. He can definitely do whatever he wants right now.

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