Markiplier Shares Blood-Soaked Trailer for His IRON LUNG Horror Movie Adaptation

There are lots of ways to make an effective movie trailer, but every good one has the same thing in common: they make you want to see the film. That’s it. That’s the entire reason for their existence. Trailers are designed to entice would-be viewers to spend their time and money on one particular movie rather than a near infinite number of other options. It doesn’t matter how much dialogue they include or how much they reveal about the plot. It doesn’t matter if they’re modern or retro in style. A trailer’s only job is to get us into a seat. And Mark Edward Fischbach, the YouTuber better known as Markiplier, has given us one that does exactly that. His fantastic new promo for his upcoming film Iron Lung is an unsettling and blood-soaked tease at a horror video game come to life.

Deadline reports popular online content creator Markiplier is currently in production on a self-financed film. He’s adapting David Szymanski’s 2022 submarine horror game of the same name. The “short” game lets players “ pilot a tiny submarine through an ocean of blood on an alien moon.”

Yup. Sign us up for that premise in any medium you want.

While Fischbach has yet to reveal many official details about the film, he is both starring and directing in it. Deadline says Caroline Rose Kaplan (The Plot Against America) will also appear in the movie in currently unknown role.

The partial face of a man in profile dripping with blood against a red sky with lightning in a trailer for Iron Lung

This is obviously a big swing for anyone. But with more than 35 million followers on YouTube alone Markiplier already has a built-in audience for any project he undertakes. And with a trailer this good he’s going to draw in plenty more fans.

This creepy promo full of blood and the promise of war and death doesn’t actually feature a lot of specifics about what we can expect from the film, but it tells us plenty. Most importantly that we want to see it.

Iron Lung doesn’t have a set release date yet.

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