MOONFALL Goes Retro with a Perfect ‘90s-Style Trailer

From Independence Day and 2012, to The Day After Tomorrow and White House Down, director Roland Emmerich is a master of big, entertaining, over-the-top blockbusters. And he’s been making them so long that his latest movie feels like a throwback. It belongs to the glorious bygone era of unabashedly wild disaster flicks. So it’s only fitting we gave his sci-fi action thriller Moonfall the ’90s-style trailer it so clearly deserves.

Our latest Nerdist Remix, made in paid partnership with Lionsgate, introduces the home version of Moonfall that could have been in the time before HD. This could have also been the actual trailer for the film in 2022, though. It fully captures the delightful and chaotic energy and spirit of the movie. Because the last thing you want when the literal Moon attacks is cynicism or irony. To fight back—and to really enjoy the film—you need sincerity and earnestness.

This retro trailer also shows that popcorn flicks are truly timeless. This movie could have hit theaters 30 years ago without changing anything. However, unlike many action movies, this one also boasts an Academy Award-winning performer in Halle Berry. Take that, you lunar scum!

Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, and John Bradley in a Moonfall Retro Trailer Poster

The same way we lined up to see Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum fight aliens in the summer of 1996, we promise this trailer would have had us lined up to also see Moonfall on opening night that year. We also would have owned this VHS and watched it way too many times. Actually, we still want to own this on VHS. Not that we’re complaining about modern improvements to home releases. Because the only thing that has ever changed about Roland Emmerich’s best movies is how much better they look on my our TV.

Get your copy of Moonfall on 4K Ultra HD, DVD, and Blu-ray now.

MOONFALL ‘90s Retro Trailer (Nerdist Remix) Credits:

Narrated by Josh Petersdorf
Produced by Matt Caron and Dan Casey
Written & Edited by Matt Caron
VFX by Charles Shattuck
Graphics by Adam Murray

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