This Person Did the Impossible and Built a MINECRAFT Circle

In a game that consists of blocks, is it possible to build a circle? The answer is yes, according to YouTuber Mysticat. And not only is it possible to build a Minecraft circle, but it’s also possible to do so in a vanilla game. In this case, vanilla means completely unmodded.

Mysticat walks us through the process in a tutorial we first saw on Kotaku:

Since Minecraft functions on a grid system, nearly everything has an angle. In fact, there are basically no naturally occurring curves in the game. So it takes great creativity to achieve a circle. Mysticat offers two options in their tutorial. First, they turn to the minecart. Minecarts can be easily rotated, an advantage when trying to make a circle. Next, Mysticat does some stacking of blocks, rails, and minecarts and manages to get them to spin such that their center forms a circle. But this circle only exists in that specific set-up. So instead, Mysticat turns to armor stands.

Perfect Minecraft circle in the middle of being built. Armor stands being spawned


To get a perfect circle, Mysticat creates a repeating command block that’s always active. They also add a chain command block as well. Together these codes tell the armor stands how to spawn into a perfect circle. Mysticat then adds a layer of sand to the armor stands to create a sand circle. With one more button press, the armor stands all turn in the same direction making the Minecraft circle smooth.

Perfect minecraft circle build - a pool in green Minecraft grass


Then, after making the armor stands invisible, players can build with the sand circle. Please note, there are still several additional fixes that Mysticat shares to make the circle a flawless addition to a build.

As a further challenge, Mysticat sets out to build a 3D Minecraft circle, a Minecraft sphere.

The sphere itself is built out of minecarts. And it also comes out pretty well, though it relies on more code than the circle.

There you have it! The impossible Minecraft circles do exist! What fans of the game do next is up to them.

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