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I AM NEIL ARMSTRONG Teaches Kids About the Moon Landing

Mankind will get to learn a lot more about the incredible life of a true American legend when director Damien Chazelle’s  Neil Armstrong biopic First Man lands in theaters this October. Unfortunately, the movie and the book it was based on, James R. Hansen’s biography, aren’t exactly geared towards children, who should also learn all about the first human to walk on the moon. Fortunately New York Times best-selling author Brad Meltzer is back with a new installment in his biographical kid’s book series: the recently released I Am Neil Armstrong. And we have an art gallery from the book for you to explore right now.

Illustrated by Christopher Eliopoulos, Meltzer worked on the book with the help of former NASA pilot Charlie Justiz. I Am Neil Armstrong, the fifteenth entry in his picture book series about famous heroes, focuses on the astronaut’s path to being the first man on the moon. It also includes looks at other famous people from NASA, like legendary “hidden figure” Katherine Johnson and fellow astronaut John Glenn. It also shows how President John F. Kennedy famously challenged the nation to achieve the seemingly impossible.

You can see more of I Am Neil Armstrong in our gallery below, and it is already available at Amazon. It’s a great way for your favorite youngster to take their first step into learning about a true hero.

What other famous figures would you love to see Brad Meltzer explore in his next kid’s book? Step into our comments section below with your top choice.

Images: Random House

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