Hulu Quiz Helps You Decide What to Binge Watch

Ever since our shelter-at-home lifestyle began due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been streaming content like never before. Not only are Netflix’s numbers off the charts at the moment, but so are the ones for other streamers like Disney+ and Hulu. In fact, binge viewing on Hulu has gone up by 41% since the beginning of March. That’s, of course, when all this craziness began. Hulu subscribers are actually watching up to nine different titles a week on average these days!

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So as a way of better guiding their viewers based on their moods at any given moment, Hulu is launching a new quiz which takes inspiration from its latest “Hulu Has Whatever You’re Feeling” ad campaign. The quiz actually helps viewers find their next TV show or movie to binge watch. Viewers answer questions about their current feelings; basically it takes all the guesswork out of what to watch next.

This new experience for both subscribers and non-subscribers gives users a personalized recommendation from more than 600 unique TV shows and movies. So if the current news has got you way down, it might recommend something like What We Do in the Shadows. And steer you clear of something heavy like The Handmaid’s Tale.

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This new four-question quiz creates an instant recommendation that allows Hulu subscribers to begin streaming directly from the site or add to “My Stuff” for viewing later. Additional recommendations are also available to all subscribers with the “Give Me Another” button. And since so many users are currently binge watching shows with their families in quarantine, suggestions will focus on only kid-friendly content that the whole family can watch together.Now is the perfect time to to take the quiz  at Afterwards, be sure to share your results by using the  hashtag #WhatShouldIWatch.

Featured Image: Hulu

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