Hulu Announces HAHA Awards for Adult Animation (Exclusive)

Cartoons used to be the domain of Saturday mornings. But in the last 30 years animation has become a staple of primetime television. From The Simpsons to Bob’s Burgers and Rick and Morty, some of the best, funniest, most insightful, and most absurd shows are animated series aimed at (slightly) more mature audiences. Now, Hulu has decided it’s finally time to honor all those great series with the first-ever awards show dedicated entirely to adult animation. And Nerdist has your exclusive first look at the HAHA Awards, which you, the viewer, are going to vote on.

The HAHAs (Hilarious Animated Hulu Awards) will celebrate our favorite adult cartoons, characters, and moments from animated series currently streaming on Hulu, which hosts the largest streaming library of adult animation TV shows.

But the best part is you’ll be voting on who wins in the inaugural ten categories. They include awards like Best Show, Most Epic Battle Scene, and, because great animation doesn’t need to be taken too seriously, Best Fart Performance.

(Embargo Wed July 8, 8 am PT) Hulu Announces Inaugural Animation HAHA Awards (Exclusive)_1Hulu

Each category has four nominees. Voting begins online today, July 8 and ends Sunday, July 19. You can cast your ballot at Hulu, or in official polls on the streaming site’s Twitter account. Winners will begin being announced on July 23, right when virtual Comic-Con begins.

Here are the ten categories and the nominees. They recognizes both new shows and old classics. You can also see the characters and moments up for awards with official HAHA category videos (like with the Oscars, only funny):

Best New Show

Solar Opposites
Crossing Swords
Bless the Harts

Best Fart Performance

Cleveland (The Cleveland Show)
Peter (Family Guy)
Rick (Rick and Morty)
King (Crossing Swords)

Best Hangover Performance

Mr. Burns (The Simpsons)
Archer (Archer)
Francine (American Dad!)
Bob (Bob’s Burgers)

Best Dance Performance

Homer (The Simpsons)
Bobby (King of the Hill)
Jimmy Jr. (Bob’s Burgers)
Jack & Annie (Duncanville)

Most Epic Battle Scene

Bob (Bob’s Burgers)
Pam (Archer)
Stan (American Dad!)
Peter (Family Guy)

Best Talking Pet

Pupa (Solar Opposites)
Klaus (American Dad!)
Malloy (Brickleberry)
Snowball (Rick and Morty)

Most Awkward Moment

Korvo (Solar Opposites)
Stranger (Cake)
Kimberly (Duncanville)
Wayne (Bless the Harts)

Most Insulting Insult

Louise (Bob’s Burgers)
Malory (Archer)
Cleveland Brown Jr. (The Cleveland Show)
Hank (King of the Hill)

Best Catchphrase

Quagmire (Family Guy)
Bender (Futurama)
Louise (Bless the Harts)
Archer (Archer)

Breakout Star of the Year

Duncan (Duncanville)
Korvo (Solar Opposites)
Patrick (Crossing Swords)
Jenny (Bless the Harts)

(Embargo Wed July 8, 8 am PT) Hulu Announces Inaugural Animation HAHA Awards (Exclusive)_2 FX

Now you just have to decide which shows will take home a HAHA. And that’s no laughing matter… no, wait. Yes it is. That’s the whole point.

Featured Image: Adult Swim/Fox/Disney

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