Fan-Made BOB’S BURGERS And ARCHER Crossover Short Looks Incredibly Official

Since H. Jon Benjamin is the voice of the title characters of both Bob’s Burgers and Archer, fans have been dying for a crossover. They actually got one on the season four premiere of Archer, so the only thing that’s left is to see the Archer crew on Bob’s turf. That hasn’t happened in any official capacity yet, but one fan project is so darn good that it feels official ( via LaughingSquid).

Animator Simon Chong stitched together existing dialogue from both shows and turned it into a cohesive scene at the restaurant. However, the real impressive work here is the stylistically true animation that Chong created, all of which he said took about seven months. There’s no other way to say it: This fan project genuinely looks like an officially produced Bob’s Burgers clip. Chong said of his project:
Bob’s Burgers is hands down my favourite animated show ever made. I just adore it, it’s my happy place and long may it continue. Archer is another of my favourite shows, and I really enjoyed the crossover between the two in Archer’s 4th season. This piece started out as a doodle back in January 2017, and soon spiraled into something where I challenged to myself to imitate the Bob’s Burgers animation style, and using dialogue from both shows, form some sort of short where the characters meet. This has been an absolute passion project, and it’s made to honor both shows in the only way I know how, through my art.”

Watch the scene above, in which the Belchers coerce the spy crew into their restaurant, check out the original crossover below, and let us know in the comments if Chong’s creation scratches that crossover itch.

Featured image: Simon Chong/YouTube

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