MOON KNIGHT Heads to a Galaxy Far, Far Away with Mandalorian Helmets

Oscar Isaac once said he is “probably” done with Star Wars. That didn’t mean he was done with Disney, though. The actor returned to the Mouse House this year to join the company’s other mega franchise, Marvel Studios. Isaac turned in double ( well, technically triple) duty as the star of Disney+’s Moon Knight. The show gave the former Poe Dameron a chance to go from ace fighter pilot to super powered avatar. But since the MCU has cracked open the multiverse its hard not to imagine what might be if both properties came together. And that’s exactly what one fan has done, with Moon Knight-inspired Mandalorian helmets.


Which one is your guys favorite Moon Knight Mandalorian helmet? #moonknight #mandalorian #3dprinting

♬ A Man Without Love – Engelbert Humperdinck

The DIY prop, droids, and costume shop ReProps turned Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley’s Khonshu-powered costume into helmets any proud Madanlorian warrior would wear. Especially if they planned on attending a Marvel-themed party.

Two Mandalorian helmets from Star Wars made in the style of Marvel's Moon Knight

You can see the entire process that went into creating the Mandalorian helmets at ReProp’s official TikTok page. They started out as 3D prints. Each then underwent some sanding to give them a less smooth/more authentic appearance. Then they needed a series of paint jobs, which also featured weathering to make them look combat tested and even linen-wrapped.

You can’t really go wrong with either version. One has a blue middle while the other comes with a gold accent. I like the pop of the blue, which is more Star Wars. But the gold is more true to the Moon Knight half of the mashup. If you really can’t decide which one you prefer don’t worry. He actually made a third helmet that relied on the most successful techniques he used on both.


Made another Moon Knight Mandalorian helmet. Combined the techniques I used for the previous two to make this one. #moondalorian #mandalorian #moonknight #3dprinting #starwars #marvel

♬ Day ‘N’ Nite (From “Moon Knight”) – Geek Music

We don’t know if Oscar Isaac will ever return to Star Wars. It’s possible he won’t even return to the MCU. But even if he’s finished with both at least his time in both gave us a unique set of props to admire.

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