Protecting people is a 24-hour job in a city that never sleeps. Whether an Asgardian prince invades with an army of Chitauri soldiers, or a powerful Kingpin sends his bros to kill those who threaten his criminal empire, Earth’s mightiest heroes must always be ready to protect the Big Apple. But when the world’s greatest archers return to take on their next enemy they’ll be facing a very different kind of holiday menace. One that doesn’t quite rise to the level of the Avengers but must be dealt with all the same. Because Marv and Harry make their sticky return in the trailer for the Hawkeye x Home Alone mashup you’ve needed your whole life: Hawkeye 2: Lost in New York.

The latest Nerdist Remix from our own Matt “McCallister” Caron celebrates the festive joy of thwarting the bad guys across franchises. It combines the destructive flair and comedy of both the MCU’s Hawkeye and the only good Home Alone sequel. Once again Clint Barton finds himself away from his family at Christmas. This time Kate Bishop joins him in the hunt for the devious duo formerly known as the Wet Bandits. They broke free of prison and they’re in New York City looking for the Ronin’s sword.

With some clever planning and a lot of trick arrows, Hawkeye and his young partner will try and stop the Sticky Bandits before they can get their hands on that infamous weapon. In a film that promises to end in bloodshed. Which is totally fine since red is the primary color of the season.

Still from Hawkeye and Home Alone 2 mashup showing The Wet Bandits, Kate Bishop, and Clint Barton
Marvel Studios/20th Century Fox/Nerdist

Sure, Marv and Harry aren’t as smart as Loki. Nor as successful as Kingpin. That doesn’t mean they aren’t dangerous, though. Kind of. Fortunately in the city that never sleeps heroes don’t either. At least before they wipe the floor with their enemies before heading home for the holidays. Because in both the MCU and the Home Alone franchise that’s the only way to celebrate Christmas. And Christmas can live all year round with this Hawkeye Home Alone masterpiece.

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