Artist Recreates Hulk’s AVENGERS Transformation in Flipbook

The one positive thing to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic? The ways that we’ve been able to explore our creativity over these past few months. From designing dedicated pop culture rooms in Animal Crossing to creating Disney theme parks inside our homes, there seems to be no shortage of ideas when it comes to keeping ourselves busy.

One particular individual is taking creativity to new heights by turning an old past time on its head. An artist by the name of “dP Art Drawing” created a flipbook of Bruce Banner’s “I’m always angry” transformation during the Battle of New York in The Avengers. And just like the Hulk itself, it’s a sight to behold.

The video, which we first heard about at io9, walks us through 3 months and 62 days of work showing the artist’s process for bringing the scene to life. To start, he penciled each part of the scene on a square piece of paper. According to the description accompanying the video, that meant creating 1,093 individual pencil sketches that—when completed—were placed in a sequence. That’s impressive enough, but what makes the project even more impressive is that dP Art Drawing doesn’t use any technology to create his masterpieces. Aside from the editing magic used to create the time lapse effect in the video, every frame is meticulously drawn by hand. It includes stunning detail—almost as if we’re watching the scene is coming to life via the magic of animation studios.

hulk flipbook drawing

dP Art Drawing

To achieve the flipbook effect, the artist initiated the ultimate “Avengers Assemble,” spending 33 days photographing all the individual frames and gathering them together. The result is the ultimate flipbook recreating what is arguably one of the most famous moments in superhero movie history.

Artist Recreates Hulk's AVENGERS Transformation in Flipbook_1


dP Art Drawing calls his flipbook “the largest flipbook I’ve ever made.” It’s an accomplishment that we think the Hulk would be proud of.

Featured Image: dP Art Drawing

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