Disney Fans Are Bringing the Theme Parks Home During Quarantine

With all of us in self-quarantine due to the Coronavirus, many people are going a little batty with cabin fever. And for those of us who are near Disney Parks, we now can’t go to our usual “happy place” when things get tough. In this case, quite literally, our “happiest happy place on Earth.” But Disney fans are an imaginative lot. If we can’t leave our homes to go to the parks, then we’ll bring the parks home!

The #HomemadeDisney hashtag has been trending on social media lately, as fans have been posting videos of themselves recreating iconic Disneyland and Walt Disney World attractions from the comfort of their own homes in DIY form. And as you can see down below, the results are pretty spectacular.

One of the most iconic rides in Disneyland has been Pirates of the Caribbean. This family recreated the classic New Orleans Square dark ride, even including the famous waterfall drop. Oh, and if you’re wondering how we know this is the Disneyland version and not the Magic Kingdom version? The Orlando park doesn’t have the old man in the rocking chair. Original swashbucklers represent, ya’ll!

Speaking of New Orleans Square, the land’s other main attraction is the home to those 999 happy haunts, the Haunted Mansion. Comedian and YouTube star Jenny Lorenzo and her husband David Gallegos recreated the ghostly manor and each of it’s creepy rooms with spectacular accuracy. Looks like you still need to be mindful of those pesky hitchhiking ghosts though.

Another beloved attraction from Walt’s day is the Enchanted Tiki Room. As these folks just showed us, any room in your house can be the Tiki Room. You just need some bird of paradise from your garden, some drums, and a hose. Who needs animatronics when you’ve got all that?

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You know what recreates the snows of Arendelle really well? A bunch of white sheets straight from the dryer. Seriously though, these little girls recreating the Frozen attraction from Epcot is just the right amount of adorable that we need right now.

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This fan recreated the Indiana Jones Adventure, complete with it’s most true-to-life feature. Nope, we don’t mean the giant boulder, although it’s there too. We mean the fact that this ride breaks down constantly.

But the parks aren’t just the attractions. Parades are also a major part of the Disney Parks experience. And of the most beloved of all the Disney theme park’s parades is the Main Street Electrical Parade. If you’re a Disney fan who grew up in a particular era, it’s hard to hear that music and just not become automatically happy.

Of course, Space Mountain gets some love too. In this instance, it might not be as high speed a chase through the cosmos, but one’s gotta work with what they’ve got.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the most recent addition to both Disney parks in America, but folks are already nostalgic for the days when they could get chosen to be the engineer on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run instead of the the pilot. Ok, maybe not that nostalgic.

Speaking of Galaxy’s Edge, for those out there that miss getting a drink and listening to DJ Rex at Oga’s Cantina, turns out, it’s remarkably easy to recreate. Especially if you kept all those free coasters they give away at the bar.

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This family even found a way to give the psychedelic world of Winnie the Pooh a shout out. And yes, I said psychedelic. If you’ve ever been on that ride, you know what part I’m talking about.

We hope this trend continues, and Disney parks fans keep showing us how creative they all are. I mean, how is there not an It’s a Small World done entirely with Funko Pops! yet?

Featured Image: Disney Parks Blog

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