Hot Wheels Newest 1/10 Scale R/C Cybertruck Is Here

Last year Hot Wheels and Tesla teamed up for a remote-controlled 1/10 scale Cybertruck. It towered over the much smaller 1/64 model Hot Wheels also sells. So it wasn’t a surprise when it sold out in roughly a nanosecond. If you want one now you’ll need to pony up many hundreds of dollars on eBay. Or you can be on the lookout for the latest model. Mattel Creations has announced a second design-driven collaboration between the companies. And we expect this new Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck to sell out even faster than the original. Because this new model is an even cooler collectible.

A Cybertruck toy car with remote, lit up in purple and blueMattel

Mattel Creation’s new 1/10 Hot Wheels R/C Cybertruck is more than just a chic toy car. It’s a whole set that comes fully tricked out. It boasts “authentic” features from the real thing, including rims, tire treads, and working lights. It also comes with a custom-designed remote. It’s modeled on the “innovative” steering wheel found in Tesla’s Cybertruck.

And the set also includes a “first-of-its-kind” free-rolling Cyberquad based on Tesla’s ATV. It fits right in the truck’s bed for safe keeping. The Cyberquad is also Hot Wheel’s first to ever hit the market.

A toy Cybertruck and a toy ATV both lit up in purple and blueMattel

These product images aren’t just great promotional materials for this collectible toy car though. They’re the best ads we’ve seen for actual Tesla Cybertrucks. The boxy trucks often convey a dystopian Robocop feel. We’d expect Judge Dredd to drive one. Or for it to show up on Westworld. But these pictures make the Cybertruck look like coolest way to get around a futuristic Miami.

We expect this new model to be just as highly-sought after as the first ones. Maybe even more so. If you don’t want to miss out this time, they go on sale at Mattel Creations Friday, May 21 at 9:00 a.m. PT. The entire set with everything included will run you $100. They start shipping “on or before” September 15.

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