HOMESTAR RUNNER Returns with Absurd Halloween ‘Toon

Some people love October because of all the scary movies they get to watch. Others look forward to wearing a costume, going trick-or-treating, and eating lots of candy. But this month is one of my favorites because it means a new Homestar Runner Halloween special. And this year’s holiday ‘toon is one of the weirdest, most absurd they’ve ever done.

Which is really saying something, since they’re always really strange.

This year’s spooky season installment from the Brothers Chap is titled “Halloween Hijinks.” It opens with the full slate of Homestar Runner characters, in costume, standing far away in silhouette. At the bottom of the screen it reads, “This is the whole cartoon this year.”

For a moment it seems like that will really be the entire seven minute-plus short. Which would have been only slightly less ridiculous than what follows.

First we get a promo for Coach Z’s new medication Lowjinexoral, which he started taking after suffering a “torn interior rubdominal scrimmage.” Oh, yeah, that’s the worst. That’s followed by a parody that is part Scooby Doo and part cliché detective show, all mixed together with some ’60s British mod-style, groovy music, and signature Homestar Runner inanity.

HOMESTAR RUNNER Returns for Absurd New Halloween 'Toon_1Homestar Runner

Yup, we’re going to need an entire run of “Mysfit-steries” shorts. Also, there’s still enough time for someone to pull off this Homestar zigzag pants costume for Halloween this year. Don’t let us down, internet!

As for the characters’ actual costumes, this is might be as eclectic a bunch as the site has ever done. Some everyone will recognize instantly. Like Marzipan’s Captain Planet and the King of Town’s Hostess Cupcake. But many of us will be Googling others. (Not Pom Pom’s amazing Capital City Goofball getup, though. That’s my favorite this year, and that means something to me since I spend way, way too much time thinking about these costumes every year.)

And the strangeness of these costumes is just another reason this is one of the weirdest Homestar Runner Halloween ‘toons ever. And I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the spooky season.

Featured Image: Homestar Runner

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