HOMESTAR RUNNER Creators Share 180 Original Songs

Hey you guys, this is some sewiously good news. The creators of Homestar Runner have released 180 original tracks from the popular website. The three volume set includes songs, jingles, background music, and more from two decades worth of cartoons. And holy crap, you know what that means. We’re about to have one hell of a light switch rave.

Homestar Runner, one of the best and funniest cartoons in internet history, wouldn’t have been the same without its original music. It was an integral part to the site’s success, welcoming visitors with the earworm “Everybody, Everybody.” Many of the best shorts and Strong Bad emails featured tracks that weren’t just hilarious, but that genuinely rocked. We will have “Everybody to the Limit” stuck in our heads forever, and we dare you to name a better dance club track than “Techno Song.”

What’s amazing is that these 180 tracks don’t even include all of the original music Matt and Mike Champan wrote for the site. They didn’t put any song that was previously released on “Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits” onto these three volumes. (You can still listen to that album online.) They also said they could fill another volume entirely and probably will, so don’t worry if you’re favorite isn’t on here.

We want access to all of these songs eventually, obviously, but these 180 tracks are more than enough to keep us happy for now. Especially since we never stopped listening to some tracks, like “Where You Goin’ 2.” That one will always slap.

You can listen to the album for free online, or you can even purchase it from iTunes.

Okay you guys, sewiously, it really is light switch rave time. That actually is why we put one in for The Cheat.

Featured Image: Homestar Runner

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