Artist Creates Massive HOME ALONE Gingerbread House

It’s been thirty years since Kevin McCallister woke up to an empty house, lived every kid’s dream, and stopped the Wet Bandits. Ever since the instant Christmas classic has been a holiday staple during the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s not just movies that make this season so special. It’s also all of the sweet treats. Now one artist has combined two of our favorite things about Christmas into one magical display. She created a gigantic gingerbread version of the house from Home Alone.

Disney+ commissioned cake designer Michelle Wibowo of Michelle Sugar Art to make a massive Home Alone Christmas Gingerbread House (which we first heard about at Variety). It marked the film’s 30th Anniversary, which makes us feel so old our bones creak just thinking about it.

This enormous undertaking took an enormous amount of time—300 hours. Made from gingerbread and icing, the entire display measures 1.25 meters wide (more than 4 feet) by 1.7 meters long (almost 5.6 feet). The house includes 63 trees, 33 windows, 6 lampposts, and tons of other landscaping and architectural touches.

It’s also full of Easter eggs from the movie, including Kevin’s treehouse, a tire swing, the Oh-Kay Plumbing and Heating van, the delivery car for Little Nero’s pizza, and tons of boxes from the restaurant. Of course, you can’t have Home Alone without its three stars. Kevin can be seen—kinda—-sticking out of the snow after crashing his sled. Meanwhile, Marv and Harry are having their own problems while trying to break in. Fortunately for the display that doesn’t include a blow torch. Those are notoriously hard on icing.

Artist Creates Massive HOME ALONE Gingerbread House_1

This is the latest Home Alone display to have us rocking around the Christmas tree. A dedicated fan decorated his own house with life-like sculptures and other pieces inspired by the movie.

As much as we love that one though, we can’t eat it. And the only way to make Home Alone better is by serving it up with some sweet holiday treats.

Featured Image: Michelle Sugar Art

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