HIS DARK MATERIALS Season 2 Will Feature A FLEABAG Reunion

We can’t wait for the second season of His Dark Materials to hit HBO later this fall. But in the interim, we have a lot to chew over. Like that brand new trailer that debuted during the virtual San Diego Comic-Con today. Or the fact that Fleabag’s Hot Priest, a.k.a. Andrew Scott, will star as John Parry in the next slate of episodes. Or, most exciting of all, that his character’s daemon will be voiced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who played his love interest on Fleabag.

That’s right! The second season of His Dark Materials is a Fleabag reunion. And not just a reunion, but the best kind of reunion. The kind that once again solidifies characters played by Andrew Scott and Phoebe Waller-Bridge are soulmates—of a sort.

John Parry in His Dark MaterialsSimon Ridgway/HBO

The news comes out of a panel at Comic-Con@Home, where Scott revealed that Waller-Bridge has a small role as his daemon, Sayan Kötör, in the upcoming season. In the His Dark Materials universe, daemons are animals are the physical manifestation of their human’s soul. Which means Waller-Bridge is literally playing Scott’s soul (which comes in the form of an osprey).

Not only does this fulfill our wildest dreams of seeing Fleabag and Hot Priest reunited in some way, but it also fulfills a dream of Waller-Bridge’s. They were her favorite books as a kid, and she even wrote Philip Pullman a letter asking to play Lyra. While that dream didn’t happen, it’s still lovely that she made her way into live-action His Dark Materials all the same.

We can’t wait to watch one of our favorite TV couples of all time back together again—even though one is voicing a CGI osprey. It’s still grounds for excitement, ok?! If they can’t be together in the Fleabag universe, at least they’re of a same soul in another one.

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