New ‘Hey Spotify’ Feature Works Exactly How You Think

In my home I have both an Amazon Alexa and a Google Nest. Why? I’d hate for one major international conglomerate to know all my secrets and not the other. I’m also dumb. But I’m smart enough to know each device is equally infuriating. No one else in my house is named “Alexa.” It should know my voice and how to set a 20-minute timer so I don’t burn my rice. Also, I shouldn’t have to slowly yell “Hey Google” for my Mini Nest to tell me the weather. However, despite my experiences with similar technology, I’m still going to try Spotify‘s new “Hey Spotify” feature. Because while I can already imagine it being as wonky as other voice-activated devices, I’m still incredibly lazy.

GSM Arena reports (in news we first saw at Mashable) that the popular music streaming app has dropped a hot new feature for some Android users. You can now access the Spotify app with your voice. It’s a simple upgrade to the already available voice search function that debuted in 2019 for Premium subscribers. Say, “Hey Spotify, play Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face,'” and start grooving.

The voice settings from the Spotify appSpotify App Screenshot

Some users appear to be getting a popup alert for the latest option when the login to the app. While others (like myself) will find it already available. To check go into the app’s settings. Under “Voice” you will see microphone permissions. If you allow the app to access your microphone, you will then be able to also turn on the all-new “Hey Spotify” function.

That option says, “If enabled, Spotify will listen for Hey Spotify when the app is open and on your screen.” So you won’t be able to turn the app on with this function. But you will be able to access it with just your voice when it already is. You can then say something like, “Hey Spotify, play Weezer’s Blue Album.”

A screenshot of the Spotify app being told to play Weezer's Blue Album, with suggestions belowSpotify App Screenshot

At which point, I kid you not, the app will play a “Mr. Blue Sky Radio” playlist. (Which did at least open with something called “Aloo Gobi” by Weezer.)

So yeah, just like with Google and Alexa, “Hey Spotify” isn’t perfect. But it’s still easier to yell in anger than to type angry. At least that’s the story I will continue to tell my lazy self.

Featured Image: Spotify

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