New HARRY POTTER: FILM VAULT Volumes Explore the Magical World

Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? Have you ever wanted to know the deep secrets behind how the movie franchise went from ideas to actual movies? Do you love collecting all things related to this Wizarding World? If so, you’ll love the Harry Potter Film Vault collection. Insight Editions’ ongoing series, written by Jody Revenson, takes a close look at various aspects of the series, including its infamous creatures, games, and major locations. The Harry Potter: Film Vault collection is comprised of 12 total volumes. Right now, only half of those volumes are available but there are more magical books that will available for purchase soon.

The Harry Potter Film Vault volumes 7 and 8 are slated for a March 2020 release. Volume 7 will uncover the origins of Quidditch and the Triwizard tournament while Volume 8 explores members of the Order of the Phoenix like Sirius Black and “Mad-Eye” Moody, Death Eaters, and other dark forces that fight against our favorite heroes.

There are full character pages for major characters like Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Lestrange, complete with info about their classic looks and wands. The books include lots of pictures, early development plans, artwork, and in-depth information about their respective subjects. Could it help out in a trivia challenge? Maybe. Will it give you more random Harry Potter facts to share with others, especially those who didn’t ask it? For sure.

Check out Nerdist’s exclusive images from these two volumes:

Harry Potter Film Vault Volume 8

Insight Editions 

Film Vault Harry Potter volume 8

Insight Editions 

harry potter film vault

Insight Editions 

Harry Potter film books

Insight Editions 

harry potter film vault nerdist image

Insight Editions 

harry potter film vault exclusive image

Insight Editions 

Harry Potter: Film Vault volumes 5 and 6, which were recently released in January 2020, dive into the world’s magical plants, creature companions, shapeshifters, and the elements of a very well-known wizard school with tons of illustrations, paintings, and behind-the-scenes photos of how everything from Hedwig to Hogwarts came to fruition. It’s the perfect way to expand your Harry Potter knowledge and add another cool keepsake to your collection. And who doesn’t want to see all the photos of owls and shifting staircases. Here are a few photos from these recently released books:

Harry Potter film vault set

Insight Editions 

Harry Potter film vault volume 6

Insight Editions 

The final volumes of this series will arrive later this year in May and August. These books will cover goblins, house elves, homes, villages, Hogwarts staff, and all the different customs, food, and publications that exist within this world. Very, very interesting stuff. Curious Harry Potter fans can order available volumes and pre-order all of the upcoming additions on Insight Editions website.

Those who collect all twelve versions will be delighted to find that the books come together to form the Hogwarts crest on their spines. So, if you get one of them, you kinda have to scoop all of them up to feel like its complete—unless you thrive on having part of a collection. There’s no judgement here. Or, you can always make your latest wish known in hopes that 12 friends will supply your mighty need for these books.

Get ready to go even deeper into this incredible Wizarding World and all of its intricate elements by exploring how it all came together.

Header Image: Insight Editions

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