Fan-Animated HARRY POTTER Scenes Are Truly Magical

Ever since the Harry Potter film series ended almost a decade ago, fans have been hoping for another adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels. The favorite option among Potter-heads has been to re-adapt the books as a long form, animated series. After all, the books are very, very long. There are several aspects of them a two-hour-plus movie simply doesn’t have time to get into.

Although there are no current plans for a Harry Potter cartoon series, we’ve learned (via Winter is Coming) about a fan and professional animator named Paula Yvonne Peroff who has created a “proof of concept” of a sort for a Harry Potter animated project.  She’s animated several portions of the existing audiobooks, and results are not only pretty darn professional looking, they make you wish this was a real full length project! Also Stephen Fry should read everything always.

You can check out several examples of her animated adventures in the Wizarding World down below:

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The scenes used are from the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which shows Ron and Harry trying to unpack everything they learned in Professor Trelawney’s Divination class. The designs Peroff has come up with are pretty great, and I think they would totally hold up in a real animated show. I also love how the characters aren’t just caricatures of the movie actors, but have unique designs. Harry looks far more like the illustrations on the book covers than Daniel Radcliffe, that’s for sure.

Here’s hoping that these clips make it in front of J.K. Rowling and Warner Brother’s eyeballs, and someone realizes that they are sitting on a Gringott’s style gold mine here. It also seems that HBO Max would be the perfect place for such an animated series to wind up, doesn’t it? Hopefully when it does happen, someone in charge hires Paula Yvonne Peroff for the job!

Featured Image: Warner Brothers

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