Man Playing a Handpan in the Water Is Chill AQUAMAN Vibes

We all know Aquaman loves bringing the pain with his trident and fish friends, but sometimes water people just like to chill. Majestic handpan player and YouTuber Ethereal In E is the embodiment of that sentiment, as is made very clear by his videos. The latest of which features the musician rising from the water like the Marine Marvel and then jamming out like…a counselor from Wet Hot American Summer.

Laughing Squid picked up on Ethereal In E’s new video, which is one of hundreds on his channel. Indeed, Ethereal may be the most experienced handpan player on Earth as far as we can tell. The musician is constantly cranking out solo jam sessions. And the instrument he’s using isn’t all that old. In fact, it’s only been around for about 20 years.

For those unfamiliar (like we were before seeing Ethereal’s videos), the handpan is a steel instrument that has divots of various sizes. Depending on how the divots are slapped, the instrument creates different notes. It’s an ingenious take on the Trinidadian steelpan, consisting of two half-shells glued together at the rim; a design that leaves the inside hollow and capable of amplifying the instrument’s sounds.

A man with long hair and no shirt on playing a handpan in a river in the woods.

Ethereal In E

As for Ethereal’s music itself, it’s simply delightful. As soon as the musician rises from the water, the music begins and it’s almost like a lullaby. The gentle sounds of the handpan are just as soothing as those of the steel drums. Although overall it seems to produce gentler tones. Sort of like the muzak you’d hear walking into a spa.

Feature image: Ethereal In E

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