HAMILTON Musical Finally Getting Its Own Funko Pops

Look around, look around, the the revolution’s still happening everywhere. Six years after Hamilton debuted on Broadway, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s smash-hit musical is as big as ever. Disney+’s recording of the live stage show grew an already oversized fanbase into a behemoth. And all those supporters can’t get enough of the Ten-Dollar Founding Father. Now they’ll soon be able to take him home. Along with some of the most important figures in his life. Hamilton is finally getting its own line of Funko Pops.

A Funko Pop figure of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Alexander Hamilton

Funko has announced the newest line to join their collectible empire. Six members of the Hamilton cast are being immortalized with their very own Pop figures. That includes the show’s titular star played by Miranda, Alexander Hamilton, who looks like he’s mid argument. So, you know, how he always looks.

Hamilton knows it’s nice to have a certain someone on your side. So he’s bringing Christopher Jackson’s General George Washington with him. And since every great hero needs a great foil, Leslie Odom Jr.’s far-too-patient Aaron Burr is coming along in his stylish purple jacket.

Two Hamilton Funko Pops, on the left George Washington, the right Aaron Burr

Uh-oh, but little does Phillip Schuyler know, his three daughters are also going to be “slummin’ it” on desks and shelves everywhere. Rounding out what we hope is just a first wave of characters are his daughters, Peggy, Angelica, Eliza. They were played, respectively, by Jasmine Cephas Jones, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and Phillipa Soo.

Three Funko Pops of the Schuyler sisters from the musical Hamilton, against a gold background

All six ($11 each) can be pre-ordered individually at both Walmart and the official Hamilton online store. They should start shipping this summer.

You can also get miniature Pop keychain versions of Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Aaron Burr, and Angelica Schuyler. They are $5 each.

Four Hamilton Funko Pop keychains against a gold background

We were going to list our top six choices for the next Hamilton Pops. But what’s the point? We want every character. Look around, Funko. The revolution is still happening.

Featured Image: Funko

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