Guitar Made of Carbon Fiber Cloth Makes for Sleek Strumming

YouTuber Burls Art and his guitar build videos have a very zen-like quality. In his latest video, we get another 12-minute hit of chill-out vibes as Burls builds an acoustic guitar out of carbon fiber cloth. The result of the meditative process? A unique guitar that kind of looks like it has metallic snakeskin. And that makes for some real sleek strummin’.

For those unfamiliar, Burls is a YouTuber and luthier—i.e. a maker of stringed instruments. He literally describes his work with one word: “Guitart.” The expert craftsperson has made countless guitars in the past, out of everything from paper to colored pencils, and each project turns out glossy AF.

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This project, Burls notes in the video, was more of an experiment rather than a project mainly focused on aesthetics. In fact, Burls say this was his first-ever acoustic guitar build. That makes his use of a material that’s usually used for stuff like Ferraris and body armor all the more legendary.

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In the video, Burls shows how he built the guitar. First he developed a mold for the guitar’s head, then he lined it with carbon fiber cloth. Carbon fiber is a relatively stiff, strong, and lightweight material made from fibers composed mostly of carbon atoms.

YouTuber and luthier, Burls Art, built an acoustic guitar out of carbon fiber cloth.

Burls Art 

After that, it was simply a matter of sanding down the guitar’s head, connecting it to a wooden neck Burls also handcrafted, and stringing it. Of course, that’s easier said than done, but still. The whole build is so smooth. And what could be more useful in 2020 than a gentle acoustic guitar sesh out in a breezy field?

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What do you think about Burls Art’s guitar made of carbon fiber cloth? And what kind of material do you want to see him use for his next zen-like build? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature image: Burls Art 

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