Guitar Made from 800 Sheets of Paper Sounds Incredible

Everybody prepare yourselves for sensorial delight of the eyes and ears, because brilliant artist and YouTuber Burls Art has made a guitar out of 800 sheets of paper and it sounds—to the untrained ear, at least—freaking awesome. The build video is featured below, and every step of the process is satisfying to watch; except for the part where Burls slices his palm thanks to the guitar’s sharp paper. Who knew “shredding” could be so dangerous.

For those who are unfamiliar with Burls Art, he’s a somewhat mysterious craftsperson who’s created a large handful of guitars using unique and extraordinarily impressive methods. Earlier this year Burls released a build video for a guitar made out of 1,200 colored pencils, for example, and all of the other guitars on his YouTube channel are equally astounding.

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Paper. 800 sheets glued together with epoxy. Build video and demo are on channel (link in bio)

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Laughing Squid picked up on this particular video, which was recently posted without much context given. Although Burls does say in the video’s description that this was his “attempt” at building a guitar out of 800 pieces of paper, which obviously seems far too modest. Seriously, how long would it take most mere mortals to craft an instrument like this? Probably enough to watch a couple of galaxies collide and then fly apart.

At the end of the video Burls plays a few riffs on the paper guitar, just to make sure we all know that he’s insanely talented in more than one artistic discipline. Of course we’re kidding, but seriously, somebody make CRISPR a common thing so we can inject some of this guy’s creative genes straight into our DNA.

What do you think about this guitar made of 800 pieces of paper? Are you as blown away by Burls Art’s skills and ingenuity as we are, or do you think the difficulty levels here are a bit of a… paper tiger? Riff it up in the comments!

Images: Burls Art

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