Goldfish Announces Limited-Edition Frank’s RedHot Flavor

Sometimes you hear about a partnership so perfect you can’t believe no one thought of it before. This is one of those times. Two beloved food products have come together for a new snack that sounds like culinary perfection. Pepperidge Farm has partnered with Frank’s RedHot for a new flavor of Goldfish. And the only downside is that this tasty union is only for a limited-time.

This summer Goldfish and Frank’s RedHot will offer snackers a spicy treat. The newest Goldfish flavor features those crunchy, smiling crackers seasoned with the same ingredients found in Frank’s RedHot original sauce. That includes “notes of vinegar for acidity and a premium blend of aged cayenne peppers.”

A bottle of Frank's RedHot sauce, a bag of Goldfish, and a bowl of GoldfishPepperidge Farm/Frank’s RedHot

And according to both companies, these do have some heat. That’s exactly what grown-up fans have been clamoring for.

“We learned that adults are big fans of Goldfish and it’s an appetite we’ve never fully satisfied,” said Janda Lukin, Chief Marketing Officer, Campbell Snacks, in a statement. “‘Hot’ is the #1 most requested Goldfish flavor across social, so we wanted to bring the heat with an unexpected partnership between Goldfish and Frank’s that fans will love.”

A bag of Frank's RedHot Goldfish next to an animated heat scale labeling the spicy level as HOTPepperidge Farm/Frank’s RedHot

But this was also an opportunity for the hot sauce company to give its own customers something different. “At Frank’s we are always looking for new ways for our fans to enjoy our hot sauce. This limited-edition Goldfish flavor brings a spicy bite to a nostalgic everyday snack,” said Jill Pratt, Chief Marketing Excellence Officer, for McCormick, in a press release. “We hope that consumers enjoy this partnership between our two iconic brands for a fun experience that is sure to wake up your taste buds.”

They’ll hit stores this May. But they won’t be there long. This spicy Goldfish flavor is a limited-time release. They’ll only be out “while supplies last.” You’ll be able to pick up a 6.6-ounce bag for (a suggested price of) $2.49. But with a partnership this perfect, maybe both company’s will realize this union is meant to last.

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