This Giant Ritz Cracker Doubles as a Delicious Serving Platter

Most of us will (hopefully) be doing the responsible thing and staying home this holiday season. Obviously it’s won’t be easy, but it’s the right thing to do. One way we’re dealing with this difficult time is by looking for fun new ways to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. That will be easy for lucky winners of one of a tasty giveaway. Ritz will deliver a unique, delicious present to fans, with a big version of a beloved product. They’re sending out giant ten-inch Ritz Crackers that will double as an edible serving platter.

And it’s the perfect food for 2020, because we don’t ever want to wash another dish ever again.

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This year Ritz is giving away an oversized novelty version of its iconic cracker (which we first heard about at Foodbeast). The Holiday Party Platter cracker looks just like a regular version, which remains a perfect conduit for any type of tasty topping. But at ten-inches in size, you can put all the toppings on this buttery serving dish.

Whether you want to make your own charcuterie board like the company suggests, or spread an unholy amount of cheese on it, you can enjoy this digestible plate however you like.

Giant Ritz cracker party platterRitz

We’re thinking the best idea is to avoid committing to just one concept. Instead, partition it into four quadrants and create a range of salty, sweet, and savory options. Then you can break it apart and share it. Or, you know, you can eat it all by yourself because you’ve been stuck inside forever and you deserve this dammit!

Sorry, it’s been a long year.

Giant Ritz cracker that's also a serving platterRitz

Unfortunately though you can’t buy one of these. (At least not this year.) Only 40 of them will be given away to lucky fans who entered Ritz’s online Holiday Party Platter sweepstakes on Instagram. Curse you 2020!

No. No, we want to help spread holiday cheer. So instead of being jealous we will be happy for the people who get one. They’re receiving a fun, free treat, and they won’t have any dishes to do after they eat. That will definitely help make a difficult holiday season a lot better.

Featured Image: Ritz

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