This GODZILLA Guitar Only Costs $52,000

You that feeling when you are watching a Godzilla movie and a sudden urge to shred out a couple riffs comes over you? Well, good news, Toho and ESP guitars have sensed your yearning! That’s right, you can whip out some tasty licks on your very own Godzilla guitar! Dreams do you come true!

This bad boy is an Adler body shaped to look like the Godzilla we saw in the 2016 masterpiece, Shin Godzilla. Its maple neck has 24 frets and represents Godzilla’s massive tail. They don’t call him the King of Monsters for nuthin’. ESP also stocked this axe with a Floyd Rose bridge and EMG 85 pickup. That means you’ll get some sweet, warm tones out of this monstrosity.


As awesome as all that is – and it’s pretty freaking awesome – the coolest thing about this shredder is that a small switch on Godzilla’s foot lights up the mighty kaiju like he’s about to unleash an atomic breath on all those who dare to witness your fierce riffage. Even the fretboards light up, which is just so freaking sick. Imagine jamming some Power Trip or Converge on this thing and then clicking on that bright, bright glow right before a monstrous solo. Goosebumps, people. Goosebumps.

Unleash the brutal riffs!

That’s all good stuff, but it comes with a heavy price tag. ESP is only producing 5 of these guitars, which explains the premium price. How premium, you ask? Well, they are listed for 5,550,000 yen, which is like $52,000.00. So, you’ll have to decide if you want a downpayment on a house or a killer Godzilla guitar, apparently. Oh, and these are currently only available in Japan, so those of us in the rest of the world will be stuck jamming on regular ESP guitars like a bunch of chumps.

Chances are, we’ll never hold this guitar in our hands. We’ll never know what it’s like to play the solo from Metallica’s “One” on those gorgeous light up frets. Still, the world is a little brighter just knowing that 5 of these are out there, making some rich person in Japan happy. For the time beginning, we’ll just have to stick with the Squier we glued a Godzilla figure to. It’s not the same, we know, but it’s all we have.

Images: The Toho Godzilla Store

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