Driving a Giant Mech Looks Pretty Hard

Canadian YouTuber the Hacksmith test drove an 8,000-pound exoskeleton in his latest video, living out the ultimate childhood fantasy—being inside of a giant mech. In the video, the mech’s creator, Jonathan Tippett, shows the Hacksmith how to operate the giant machine in a series of lessons. And if one thing is clear, it’s that controlling this metal beast takes a lot of muscle.

The Hacksmith, a.k.a. James Hobson, took a test drive aboard Tippet’s gargantuan, hydraulic “sport mech.” Tippet and his team at Furrion Exo-Bionics developed the mech. On its website, Furrion notes that this creation is 15 feet tall, 18 feet wide, and is able to tackle any rugged terrain. Tippet also claims that the mech qualifies as the largest four-legged exoskeleton on the planet.

Due to those mondo specs, Furrion’s “limb-for-limb” sport mech is clearly not for everyone. While the Hacksmith does eventually become proficient at walking in the mech, it takes him four days to do so. (And that’s apparently a relatively short amount of time.) The Hacksmith also notes that piloting the mech takes a lot of sheer strength and endurance.

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Regardless of the difficulties, however, there’s no doubt the sport mech brings out the kid in whoever is piloting it. During a big chunk of the training period, the Hacksmith is smiling and giggling as he makes the mega machine move. And while there are some spots where things get a bit hairy, no damage was done. Certainly nothing like what’s happened to the Hacksmith previously.

Anybody who loves the idea of riding in one of these mechs should check out the Kickstarter campaign for Tippett’s Alpha Mech Pilot Program. Those who pledge $2,500 or more to the campaign will be able to pilot the mech; $8,000 buys you and three friends exclusive access to the mech for a full day. Which, incidentally, means the Hacksmith’s lesson with Tippet has a value of $32,000—a reasonable cost for a childhood dream come true.

What do you think about the Hacksmith’s ride aboard this mega mech? Are you desperate to join the Alpha Mech Pilot Program now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Feature Image: the Hacksmith

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