Let’s Recast GAME OF THRONES as Humblewood’s Bird Creatures

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Imagine your gaming group around the table, sat before you is a plethora of Humblewood material and its character creation day—time to define everything you know as an animal! Humblewood has rocked Kickstarter recently and we’ve written before about how a GM should unveil the campaign, but some game sessions are strictly about throwing around crazy ideas.

In the setting, players play 5E classes mixed with various Bird-folk and Humble-folk races that are all derived from woodland creatures. It would be typical to see the Fox players play roguish or dexterity based fighters, but wouldn’t it be a blast to see a Pigeon Barbarian fueled by the might of his ancestors? In this totally open for discussion article, we take Game of Thrones characters and cast them as Humblewood races with D&D classes. Here’s our take:

Spoiler: Everyone Dies

GMH Humblewood Image 3
  • Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish the astute Corvum Bard who safeguards the knowledge and secrets of Humblewood. Even if he uses that knowledge to look out for himself first.
  • Eddard “Ned” Stark the Gallus Fighter who had faith in the power of community.
  • Samwell Tarly would join the ranks of the pigeon-like Lumas of the Wizard class. Bringing his gifts of knowledge and secrets of the White Walkers to the world.
  • Arya Stark would become the agile hawk-like Raptors (Because there are no cats) and join the Rogue class. Agile creatures that blaze new trails through the forest.
  • Brienne of Tarth has proven herself to be a noble Strig Paladin that will always defend what they believe is right.
GMH Humblewood Image 4
  • Jorah Mormont would become the hearty deer-like Cerva Ranger who always strives to achieve their goals while wandering the world.
  • Varys would become one of the Hedges and a Monk with high Wisdom. His empathy lets him see what others can not and he would have plenty of little birds to get secrets from.
  • Jon Snow may be a wolf in the series, but he’s a perfect cast for a brave little mouse-like Jerbeen who inspires those around him with deeds of heroism.
  • Tyrion Lannister would become the resourceful raccoon-like Mapach who can craft a solution to any problem. Clearly, he would be a Bard for a million reasons.
  • Jamie Lannister would be a Vulpin Fighter. Foxy, smarmy, and clearly up to something.

In the time honored-tradition of internet and game classifications, let us know your casting choices in the comments below!


Featured Images: Humblewood from Hit Point Press

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