Watch A Funko Remake Of GAME OF THRONES’ Season 7 Cliffhanger

To lighten the mood of a dark final season of Game Of Thrones, Funko and HBO have released a Pop-sized recreation of one of the key moments from the show’s  seventh season finale in a new two minute YouTube video. Yes, we are talking about the destruction of the wall by the Night King and his zombified ice dragon Viserion. Only now, it’s way cuter.

Leave it to Funko to take the terrifying visage of the Night King and his fierce dragon, and make them positively adorable. Equally cute are the Pop! versions of Tormund and Beric Dondarrion, standing watch as the army of the dead begin their attack . Funko proves, once again, that they can take the scariest and most intense things from movies or television, and find a way to make you go awwww.

The video is called “The Great Funko Pop War,” and we can’t help but wonder if this means we are getting even more iconic battle moments from the history of the show. If HBO and Funko decide to do this, then I say go for broke. Give us the Funko version of the Battle of the Blackwater, and the Funko Battle of the Bastards. Or get super creepy and give us the Battle of Hardhome too. We’ll err on the side of good taste and refrain from suggesting a Funko version of the Red Wedding though. Some things just can’t be made cute.

Images: HBO / Funko


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