Everything You Need to Remember About GAME OF THRONES Season 7

We haven’t seen any new episodes of Game of Thrones since the summer of 2017. That’s a long time to wait for winter, and even a maester might not remember everything that happened the last time we visited the Realm.

To help you get ready for the show’s final season, here’s everything you need to remember from season seven.

Who Died

Thoros of Myr: the rum-loving, Beric-bringing-back red priest went beyond the Wall on Jon’s mission to capture a wight. He died on the frozen lake surrounded by the army of the dead, from wounds suffered during a zombie polar bear attack earlier. His body was burned.

Every Frey Man Who Matters: “Winter came for House Frey.”

The Sand Snakes: Obara and Nymeria were killed by Euron Greyjoy during his nighttime raid of Yara’s fleet. Tyene and her mother Ellaria Sand were taken prisoner to be offered as gifts to Cersei. Tyene was killed when Cersei kissed her with the same poison Ellaria used to murder Myrcella. Though we didn’t see Tyene die, we will likely see her decomposing body eventually, since Cersei promised to keep Ellaria alive to watch her daughter decay.

Olenna Tyrell: After giving Daenerys the advice to “be a dragon,” she was killed after Lannister forces captured Highgarden. In her final moments, she warned Jaime about his sister, chugged the poison he provided her for a peaceful death, and admitted she had been the one to kill Joffrey with the best final line from any character in show history. “Tell Cersei: I want her to know it was me.”

Randyll and Dickon Tarly: Jaime convinced an uneasy Randyll, Sam’s father, to join their side as his ranking general to fight “the foreign savages and eunuchs.” Randyll never got to be the new Warden of the South though, because he and his son were bathed in dragonflame after they refused to bend the knee to Daenerys following the Loot Train Attack.

Petyr Baelish: Littlefinger had his throat slit after a “trial” where the Stark children publicly laid out all of his crimes, after they finally figured out he was trying to get Sansa to kill Arya and usurp Jon.

Benjen Stark: The show’s Coldhands came to Jon’s rescue at the frozen lake after Jon went under the water and Daenerys left. Benjen gave him a horse to escape back to the Wall, sacrificing himself to save his nephew.

Viserion: Killed by the Night King during Daenerys’s rescue attempt, Viserion and his new blue eyes were brought back to life by the Night King, who then rode his wight dragon to bring down the Wall at Eastwatch.

Somehow season seven’s death total stills seems low. Speaking of the living…

Where We Left Jon Snow

Jon, after ordering all Northerners, including young girls, to begin training to fight, left Winterfell in the hands of Sansa to meet with Daenerys, despite the protestations of the Northern Lords who were already complaining about some of his decisions. (A situation made worse by Sansa undermining Jon publicly.) He had received two letters, one from Tyrion inviting him to Dragonstone and one from Sam telling him he could find a mountain of dragonglass there. His interactions with Daenerys were tense (though Drogon did allow Jon to pet him), but eventually, they came to respect and like one another, with her allowing him to mine the dragonglass for weapons. That’s where he found cave paintings of the Children of the Forest and the First Men fighting the White Walkers.

A letter from Bran saying he saw the Night King near Eastwatch led Jon to go beyond the Wall (with Gendry, the Hound, Thoros, Beric, Tormund, and Jorah) to capture a wight to bring back to King’s Landing to show Cersei proof. During the mission they were surrounded by the army of the dead, leading to a desperate call to Daenerys to fly North and save them. While she saved everyone else, Jon was rescued by his Uncle Benjen. On the boat ride to King’s Landing Jon bent the knee to Daenerys, and on the boat back to Winterfell after the Dragon Pit meeting he got horizontal with the Mother of Dragons.

Where We Left Daenerys

Her triumphant return to Westeros, to her birthplace Dragonstone, was short-lived, as she soon lost important allies and ships to the Lannisters. Angry at Tyrion’s “clever plans,” she listened to Olenna Tyrell’s advice to “be a dragon” and laid waste to the Lannister forces during her Loot Train Attack, burning Randyll and Dickon Tarly in dragonflame when they refused to bend the knee. She ignored Tyrion’s advice again when Jon Snow called for her to rescue them beyond the Wall, and it cost her Viserion. Having seen the army of the dead, she committed to stopping the Night King, and asked Cersei for an armistice. Cersei agreed, and said she would help in the fight, leading Daenerys to head to Winterfell with Jon, where the two got intimate.

Where We Left Tyrion

His great plans for taking Westeros, which involved the Martells and Tyrells surrounding King’s Landing and the Unsullied taking Casterly Rock, were thwarted by his brother and sister who anticipated his every move. Desperate to keep Daenerys, who was growing frustrated with her Hand, from giving in to her anger and burning her enemies, he helped broker an armistice with Cersei after the Dragonpit meeting fell apart, though he did know she might kill him during their private meeting. Tyrion was worried when he saw Jon and Daenerys become romantically involved.

Where We Left Cersei

Surrounded by enemies on all sides (of her giant floor map), Cersei found a powerful ally in Euron Greyjoy and convinced the Lords of the Reach to align with her over Olenna Tyrell. She saw the Scorpion bolt Qyburn had built to fight dragons, let her maid see her in bed with Jaime, paid off the Iron Bank with gold taken from Highgarden, and killed Tyene Sand in front of her mother Ellaria. After refusing to give in after the Loot Train, Cersei “allowed” Bronn to hold his secret meeting for Jaime with Tyrion. She then told Jaime she is pregnant and will tell the world it’s his child.

During the big meeting at the Dragonpit, Cersei said she would agree to a ceasefire if Jon swore never to join the fight against her. When Jon said he can’t because he bent the knee to Danerys, Cersei stormed off, only returning after meeting with Tyrion. She promised to join the fight against the dead, but once Daenerys and Jon left she told Jaime it was a ruse, and that Euron Greyjoy was going to Essos to pick up the Golden Company she hired with money from the Iron Bank. Cersei will wait to fight whomever or whatever emerges from the North. When Jaime said he was leaving to help fight the dead she almost had the Mountain kill him, but ultimately she let him go.

Where We Left Jaime

Despite recruiting Randyll Tarly, setting a trap for Tyrion at Casterly Rock, and taking Highgarden, Jaime was ready to sue for peace with Daenerys after he barely survived the Loot Train when Bronn saved Jaime during a suicide mission to kill the Mother of Dragons. Cersei accused him of treason for meeting with Tyrion, even though he had nothing to do with it. He definitely committed treason, though, when he disobeyed her to keep his promise to help fight the White Walkers in the North. As he left King’s Landing, snow began to fall.

Where We Left Arya

Disguised as Walder Frey, she murdered every Frey man with poisoned wine, getting revenge for the Red Wedding. On her way to King’s Landing to kill Cersei, she met some kind Lannister soldiers, and abandoned her journey south after finding out Jon and Sana now hold Winterfell. On her way north she saw her direwolf Nymeria, who wouldn’t come with her. At Winterfell, she clashed with Sansa, whom she suspects is not loyal to Jon. She let Sansa find her “faces,” after Arya found a letter the Lannisters once made Sansa write. That was a trap Baelish set for her, hoping the letter would tear the sisters apart. With an amazing sparring session with Brienne thrown in the middle of everything, the Stark sisters eventually came together and realized Baelish was their enemy, killing him.

Where We Left Sansa

She argued with Jon in front of the Northern Lords, thinking he wasn’t listening to her. She wisely pointed out Cersei is a much bigger threat than anyone realizes, and was put in charge when Jon left for Dragonstone. She sent Brienne to King’s Landing on her behalf to answer Cersei’s letter, mostly to keep Brienne away from Arya so she can’t protect her. Sansa was worried her sister was a threat to her and wasn’t sure how she would handle it. Desperate to stay in favor with the Lords, she was also desperate to stop Arya from showing them the letter, since she was a prisoner when she was forced to write it. Ultimately she realized Baelish was always her enemy, and reunited with Arya.

Where We Left Bran

A very different, very weird Bran finally arrived back at the Wall with Meera before reuniting with his family at Winterfell. Bran never really explained what he meant when he told them he’s the Three-Eyed Raven and how he can see and know everything. He was given the dagger that was used to try and kill him by Baelish, but he gave it to Arya. He also warged into a raven and saw the Night King near Eastwatch, prompting Jon’s return North. His visions also helped the Stark children know that Littlefinger betrayed Ned in King’s Landing, and after a discussion with Sam, Bran watched when Rhaegar and Lyanna Stark legally married, making Jon, whose real name is Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Where We Left Euron Greyjoy

After arriving in King’s Landing and telling Cersei he would give her a gift to earn her trust, Euron destroyed Yara’s fleet and took her hostage. He returned to the Capital parading his niece, Ellaria, and Tyene through the streets to rapturous applause. He also mocked Jaime for having one hand and asked him what Cersei liked in bed. He appeared to abandon Cersei at the Dragonpit after seeing the wight, but Cersei revealed it was a ruse for him to go to Essos to ferry back the Golden Company.

Where We Left Theon Greyjoy

Euron’s attack triggered Theon’s past traumatic experiences as Reek, and he jumped into the sea rather than try and rescue Yara from Euron during the attack. He was found and brought back to Dragonstone where he saw Jon for the first time in years. Before Jon left for the Wall, Theon confessed to his sins and said he wished he could do the right thing like him. Jon told him he will always have a part of Ned in him, and to go get his sister back. After winning a fight on the beach, the Iron Born agreed to help him try and rescue Yara.

Where We Left Gendry

He came back! He left his job as a blacksmith in King’s Landing as soon as Davos found him, pledging his allegiance to Jon, whom he refused to keep his true identity from. Gendry went beyond the Wall on the wight-kidnapping mission, where he got to call out Thoros and Beric for selling him to Melisandre, and was the one who ran back to Eastwatch when Jon needed a raven sent to Daenerys.

Where We Left Sam

While training/cleaning beadpans at the Citadel to be a maester, he cured Jorah of his greyscale, but left (with some stolen books) after realizing the maesters were never going to take the White Walker threat seriously. He headed North with Gilly, little Sam, and the knowledge Rhaegar had his marriage to Elia Martell annulled before he remarried Lyanna Stark in secret.

Where We Left Gilly

Gilly stayed by Sam’s side at the Citadel and when he went to Winterfell. In between, she accidentally made the biggest discovery in the world while reading through a former High Septon’s private diary.

Where We Left Jorah

After his miraculous recovery thanks to Sam, Jorah returned to Daenerys’s side briefly. He volunteered to go North with Jon to capture a wight, and was unhappy when Daenerys said she would take a boat ride with Jon to travel to Winterfell.

Where We Left The Hound

After seeing a vision of the army of the dead in the flames, an uncharacteristically remorseful Hound buried the bodies of the man and daughter he had stolen from previously. He went to the Wall with the Brotherhood Without Banners, and then joined Jon’s mission to capture a wight. He returned to King’s Landing to show Cersei the dead man, but took a brief moment to threaten his brother the Mountain.

Where We Left Bronn

A leader in the Lannister army, Bronn was paid a hefty sum after Highgarden was taken, though he still wanted his castle. He lost his gold during the Loot Train Attack, but successfully hit Drogon with an arrow from the Scorpion bolt. He was lucky he didn’t lose his head after setting up a secret meeting for Jaime with Tyrion, though, because Cersei called that treason.

Where We Left Tormund and Beric Dondarrion

Tormund took some wildlings and manned the Night’s Watch castle Eastwatch, where he captured the Hound, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr. Both went with Jon beyond the Wall, where Beric talked about always wondering why the Lord of Light spared him. Beric wanted to fight the Night King at the frozen lake, but Jon stopped him. They both lived when Daenerys rescued them. They also survived the Night King’s dragon attack on the Wall by running sideways instead of down.

Where We Left Brienne and Podrick

With Arya’s safe return home, Prodrick told Brienne she should be proud she kept her vow to Lady Stark. Their training was interrupted when the two were sent as an emissary to King’s Landing by a paranoid Sansa. Podrick got to reunite with Tyrion there, before leaving the Dragonpit to have a drink with Bronn. Brienne told Jaime to “fuck loyalty” when Cersei walked away from the meeting after seeing the kidnapped wight.

Where We Left Meera

A heartbroken Meera left behind an ungrateful Bran, whom she said had died beyond the Wall, behind at Winterfell to return home to her family.

Where We Left Yara Greyjoy

Daenerys Targaryen’s ally lost her fleet to Euron during a nighttime raid and was taken his hostage. She’s still alive.

Where We Left Ellaria Sand

Her budding sexy time with Yara on the boat was interrupted by Euron’s attack. She was taken hostage along with her daughter Tyene, who she had to watch be poisoned by Cersei. Presumably, Ellaria is still alive in the dungeons of the Red Keep, chained up mere feet away from her daughter’s corpse.

Where We Left Varys and Melisandre

Varys explained his ever-changing allegiances over the years to a skeptical Daenerys by saying he serves the Realm. He vowed, under threat of death, he will tell her if she is ever failing the people rather than betray her. However, he pleaded with Tyrion in private to get her under control after the Loot Train Attack. Varys also told Melisandre, who came to Dragonstone to tell Daenerys to summon Jon Snow, she should leave Westeros where she is not safe. She said she was going to Volantis, but she would be returning to this “strange country” where she must die, just like Varys.

Where We Left Davos

Jon, who he accompanied to Dragonstone, ignored most of his advice all season, as did Gendry who was supposed to lie to Jon Snow by saying he was “Clovis.” Davos got to use his old skills, smuggling Tyrion in and out of King’s Landing for his meeting with Jaime, which ended with Gendry murdering two gold cloaks with his Robert Baratheon-style war hammer.

Where We Left Greyworm and Missandei

Greyworm confessed how much he loves Missandei before leaving to take what turned out to be a mostly abandoned Casterly Rock. The two were intimate, an experience an overjoyed Missandei told Daenerys about.

Where We Left Qyburn

Cersei’s Hand had a Scorpion bolt built to fight dragons, which he showed off by destroying Balerion’s skull. It hit Drogon in battle, but didn’t kill him, before it was destroyed during the Loot Train Attack. Qyburn was at the Dragon Pit meeting where he was fascinated by the severed, moving hand of the wight.

Where We Left Hot Pie

Still making meat pies at the Crossroads Inn, Hot Pie couldn’t understand what happened to his friend Arya, who was distant with him.

Where We Left The Night King

He amassed an army at least 100,000 strong (including some dead giants), marched towards Eastwatch, killed Viserion using a magic ice javelin, had the dragon pulled from the bottom of a lake with giant chains that can’t be explained, raised it from the dead, and used it to break a hole in the Wall, which he then marched his army of the dead through.

But even though that happened in 2017, we doubt anyone forgot about that.

Explore the rich, complicated, and controversial lore of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire — and how it connects to HBO’s Game of Thrones — in our deep dive series,  History of Thrones.

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