New Funko POP! Figures Give Us Venom-ized Marvel Characters

Last year’s Venom surprised everyone with its stellar run at the box office, becoming one of the biggest superhero movies of 2018. Because of that, the gooey alien symbiote has joined the pantheon of big screen Marvel success stories. And we guess Eddie Brock has, too.

In celebration of all thing Venom, the good folks at Funko have revealed their latest series of Pop! figures, all which feature Venomized versions of some of Marvel Comics’ most well known characters. You can check out images of this latest wave of Pop! vinyl figures down below.  New Funko POP! Figures Give Us Venom-ized Marvel Characters_1 Among the characters who are serving as host to the symbiote are several favorites from across all areas of the Marvel Comics universe. Included in this wave are both Rocket Raccoon and Groot from the Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-23 and Storm from the X-Men franchise. Hell’s Kitchen’s resident protector Daredevil gets a symbiote of his own. He’s still red, but it brings out the devil inside. New Funko POP! Figures Give Us Venom-ized Marvel Characters_2 And finally The MCU’s biggest bad guy Thanos, currently wreaking havoc on the universe in Avengers: Endgame, also gets a new venomized Pop! figure. And by the looks of it, not even the Infinity Gauntlet can escape the black goo. Someone just get rid of that thing already. According to the official Funko blog, the new Venomized Marvel Pop! figures don’t have an actual release date yet, merely labelled “coming soon”. But Venom’s always coming soon, if you think about it. New Funko POP! Figures Give Us Venom-ized Marvel Characters_3 Because of Venom being a non-MCU movie, the odds of ever seeing live-action Venomized versions of these same characters on the big screen or on television are pretty darn small. But at least we have these cool figures instead. Hopefully soon these creepy little guys can give all the Spider-Man Pop! figures on your shelf a good scare.

Images: Funko / Marvel


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