Celebrate Christmas in July with DC Comics Funko Figures

The heat of the summer is still bearing down on us, so of course it’s the perfect time to think about the holiday season, right? Yes, it’s Christmas in July, as the good folks at Funko have revealed a new wave of DC Comics themed Pop! vinyls via Twitter.  The comic book icons are all decked out in their holiday best, ready to be perched on your fireplace mantle this December.



For this Yuletide version of the Justice League, we’ve got Clark Kent revealing his Superman suit under his Santa Claus outfit, as well as Wonder Woman twirling her Magic Lasso. Only this Lasso of Truth is one made up of Christmas lights. The Flash is ready to head up Santa’s sleigh, wearing some reindeer antlers and working Rudolph’s red nose. These are all available for pre-order via GameStop. The Bat-family gets a handful of Pop! vinyls too, with Batman in full Scrooge mode (we call that typecasting). The Joker is the world’s most lethal Santa, and Harley Quinn is his faithful Elfin helper.



And as with all things Funko, there are also several exclusives. Hot Topic will have an icy-cold frozen Dark Knight, who seems to have had an encounter with Jack Frost. (Or maybe it was just Mister Freeze). Another Hot Topic exclusive is the Penguin doing his best Frosty the Snowman impression. And the Joker looks to be in full A Christmas Carol mode. He also looks ready to sing his rendition of “ Jingle Bells/Batman smells.” You can pre-order this Target exclusive by clicking here.

Hopefully, this wonderful line of DC Holiday Pop! figures will add some more waves in the future. Robin already is clad in red and green, so he needs a Pop! too we think. For that matter, a Green Lantern figure that is creating a Christmas tree with his power ring seems like another no-brainer. The Spectre, Deadman, and Gentleman Ghost as the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future anyone?

Featured Image: Funko

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