“This is Fine” Meme Is the Perfect Funko Pop for 2020

Things are definitely not fine in 2020. This year has been a total disaster wrapped in a nightmare that was dipped in apocalyptic dread. Only worse. But at least this miserable twelve months will soon have the perfect toy to help capture how we’re all feeling each and every day. The “This is Fine” meme is getting its very own Funko Pop.

And yes, it’s on “fire.”

“This is Fine” Meme Is the Perfect Funko Pop for 2020_1Entertainment Earth

Starting this December our favorite bowler hat-wearing dog will be able to sit with us as we calmly have a cup of coffee while staunchly refusing to face the fact the world is melting around us. The brand new This is Fine Dog Pop! vinyl figure (which we first heard about at Geeks Are Sexy) recreates the wildly popular—and unfortunately consistently relevant—meme. But you don’t have to worry about starting a fire to make your collectible authentic. This figure, holding a cup which says “this is fine” on it, comes with little plastic flames at the base of his chair.

The standard-sized Pop, which really captures the look and spirit of the original cartoon-turned-meme, measures 3 and 3/4th inches tall. It also comes in a packaged window display box adorned with flames.

The figure is an Entertainment Earth exclusive. You can pre-order yours now ($13.99). It begins shipping this December, just in time for the holidays, which is ideal. The This is Fine dog always make for a perfect gift for any loved ones bravely facing annihilation with a forced smile on their face. So, you know, most people right now.

Based on KC Green’s Gunshow comic strip “ On Fire,” this dog in denial continues to exemplify the Hellscape of modern life, no more so than in 2020. Of course, we also said that last year, and in 2018, 2017, and 2016.

So this Funko is really more like the perfect 21st century Pop.

Featured Image: Entertainment Earth/Funko

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