Funko and Disney Celebrate Pride Month with New Figures

It’s the beginning of May right now, but in just 30 days, it’ll be the start of Pride Month for 2021. And this year, Funko is joining forces with Disney for a special collection of Pride-themed Funko Pop! vinyl figures. These iconic characters show off their rainbow best, as a show of support for the LGBTQ+ community. This newest Pride set features the following characters from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and more. And you can see images for these festive figures right here.

The rodents that started it all back in 1923 get a pair of colorful Pride Pop! figures, as Mickey and Minnie Mouse leads the pack. Along for the ride is this wonderful Pop! figure of Goofy.

The Mouse that started it all and his friends show off their Pride with new Funko Pop! figures.


More modern-era Disney Animation is represented as well, with the lovable hyper alien, Stitch. Also, Wall-E ditches his drab gray metal for some rainbow pride joy. And Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers is decked out in rainbow colors as well.

Stitch, Wall-E, and Tina from Bob's Burgers represent modern Disney with new Pride Pop! figures,


BB-8 and a Stormtrooper have Star Wars Pride Pop! figures on the way, showing that love is love in a galaxy far, far away too.

From the Resistance to the Empire, Star Wars shows its Pride colors with BB-8 and a Stromtrooper.


And finally, from the world of Marvel Comics, the most famous pansexual hero of all, Deadpool, gets an amazing Pop! variant, posing his heart out.

This LGBTQ+ Pride Deadpool is just happy to lounge around.


Funko’s Pride Pop! collection is a celebration of inclusivity and acceptance. Funko supports the LGBTQ+ community and rejects intolerance and discrimination. In conjunction with this release, comes a donation by Funko to the It Gets Better Project, an organization that uplifts, empowers, and connects LGBTQ+ youth around the globe, in coordination with this program.

Funko and Disney celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month with a colorful new set of variant Pop! figures.


Additionally, in celebration of Pride Month 2021 and the company’s Pride collection, The Walt Disney Company is donating funds as part of its ongoing commitment to organizations around the world that support LGBTQ+ communities. You can learn more by visiting

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