FROZEN’s Josh Gad Lives With a Ridiculous Giant Olaf Statue

You would think most kids would love growing up under the same roof as Olaf. But according to Josh Gad his daughters have had enough of their dad’s beloved role in the Frozen franchise. But that’s not even the most contentious situation in the household related to the hug-loving snowman. The actor’s wife has a much bigger bone to pick with the adorable denizen of Arendelle. And we do mean big. She made her husband hide a massive Olaf statue in his personal home office.

And we can’t blame her. Because as much as we love both Josh Gad and Olaf, this is one giant, very silly statue.

Gad was a virtual guest on The Graham Norton Show, where the Frozen star was asked about his daughters reportedly being tired of his popular character. Gad said the quesadilla-loving youngsters “wish that Moana was their father” because “they’re sort of over Olaf at this moment.” Sounds harsh, but in fairness they don’t just live with the voice of Olaf. They live with a huge Olaf statue Gad received.

They “unnecessarily big” replica is so big it came packed in what Gad describes as a crate “straight out of Raiders of the Lost Ark.” (Too bad some top men didn’t keep it locked away.) Desperate to avoid a divorce but unable to throw it out (that would not be a good look for him), Gad has had to store it inside his home office away from the rest of the house.

FROZEN's Josh Gad Lives With a Ridiculous Giant Olaf Statue_1The Graham Norton Show

No one, not even the actual Olaf himself, needs to own this. But somehow this statue’s size is not even its biggest issue. Why in the world would someone make a massive Olaf dressed in a hula skirt with a guitar? Was this meant for the Polynesian Resort at Walt Disney World but someone put the wrong address on the crate?

It makes no sense. But one thing about this story now does. If that giant snowman was literally looming over our lives we’d be sick of Olaf too.

Featured Image: The Graham Norton Show

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