FIELD OF DREAMS to Play Ball as a Mike Schur TV Adaptation

A week ago, Dyersville, Iowa, hosted the Major League Baseball “Field of Dreams” game.  The New York Yankees played the Chicago White Sox. And the sold-out game brought thousands of fans to the small town. Fans who paid over $1,400 a ticket to see the legendary game. It also provided a bit of a foreshadowing. Variety reported on Monday afternoon that a TV series adaptation of the iconic baseball film Field of Dreams is heading to Peacock

The Good Place showrunner Mike Schur will helm and write the series. Field of Dreams is a reimagining of the film. That movie combined family, baseball, Iowa, and magic. Additionally, Lawrence Gordon, producer of HBO’s Watchmen, and David Miner, producer of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, will executive produce. 

Kevin Costner standing on a field in front of a moon in the Field of Dreams poster

Universal Pictures

“Through the years, Field of Dreams remains a fan favorite, maintaining its rightful position in the zeitgeist,” said Lisa Katz, president of NBCUniversal television and streaming. And, she also tells Variety, “It’s whimsical and grounded, a space where Mike Schur excels.”

The recent celebration in Iowa ignited a social media nostalgia wave. Kevin Costner, star of the 1989 film, walked out from the cornfields and onto the baseball field to throw out the first pitch. “I felt like it was perfect,” Costner told FOX Sports. He noted that he was friends with the architect who built the temporary stadium and hid it from him for two years. “Like anything in life,” he said, “you want something to overdeliver, and this truly has.”

The Field of Dreams TV series currently has no release date and no announced cast. We also don’t know whether the studios are involving Costner. We certainly hope so though. Especially after the recent Major League Baseball stunt. And, as fans can recall, Terrance Mann, a.k.a. James Earl Jones, says it best, “People will come, Ray.”

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