This Could Be the Worst First Pitch in Baseball History

We understand how easy it is to fall victim to recency bias, to call the latest thing we’ve witnessed either the greatest or worst of all time. In the modern world of social media and catchy headlines, it feels like everything must be one extreme or the other. Nothing can ever just be “very good” or “very bad”. Trust us, we understand all of this. It’s important you know that before we say the following: we might have just witnessed the worst ceremonial first pitch in baseball history.

Yes, the absolute worst, because it wasn’t just a wild throw, it hit someone who wasn’t even close to home plate.

FOX Sports Kansas City shared this clip from before the Royals played the White Sox at Chicago’s Guaranteed Rate Field, and it’s so bad it’s amazing. The woman tasked with throwing out the ceremonial pregame pitch didn’t just throw wild, she went berserk. She pegged a photographer who was a few feet away to her left. It’s like she was aiming for him.

No, it’s okay to laugh; the photographer said his camera and he are both fine.

So how does this stack up against some of the other contenders for worst first toss ever? Here’s 50 Cents’ attempt at…..we don’t know what to call this, since calling it a “pitch” feels like a lie.

Perfect, even if he didn’t hit a guy. However, this next one might be even funnier, since it comes from one of the most decorated Olympians ever, Carl Lewis.

In his defense he threw it towards home plate, but also LOL.

It should be illegal to ever have someone who can actually throw a baseball do the ceremonial first pitch. But which one of these is the worst ever? What terrible toss stands as the record holder for the greatest disaster in baseball history?

All of them. No hyperbole.

Featured Image: FOX Sports Kansas City

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