Take Your Entire Family on a Fantasy Quest at Evermore Park

If you’ve ever visited a renaissance festival and thought to yourself, “You know, I wish I could live here,” have we got a vacation for you.

Evermore promises to be an experience unlike any other: a family-friendly park with living, breathing characters to take you on quests and immersive adventures in a lush, meticulously planned environment.

Located about 30 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah, Evermore Park is currently under construction. The passionate team is hard at work not just on constructing the buildings of the park, but the costumes, props, gardens, characters, and practically every detail they can think of to make the illusion complete.

You and your family will be in a fantasy adventure, promises the Evermore staff, taking part in a “living theatrical production.” (If you’re the type who prays none of the performers interact with you during a play or Ren Faire, this might not be the best vacation for you.)

Evermore is also in the planning stages of seasonal events that will change the look of the park and the experiences you can have there. Halloween will bring hauntings and spooky characters, for example, and the winter will be a festive celebration with a Dickensian flair.

One of my third-grader’s favorite things to do is the interactive live-action game MagiQuest, where she follows a quest written in a book, waves a plastic wand at the clue she’s been tasked to find, and runs along to the next one. If Evermore Park is even a little bit similar to that on a grand scale, kids and parents alike will flock there at all times of the year.

Evermore plans for opening in July 2018, depending on the completion of construction.

What kind of adventure would you want to go on? Tell us in the comments.

Images: Evermore

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