Expert Archer Shows Off Incredible Blindfolded Trick Shots

If you haven’t heard of Danish archer Lars Andersen you’ve been missing out. The archer—and Robin Hood trainer—has polarized the internet with his impressive yet questionably effective trick shots. In a new video Andersen shows off a series of blindfolded and no-look shots. Some of them seem staggeringly difficult. But also like they’d be a lot of fun to practice 10,000 times.

Andersen recently posted the above video of “unbelievable blindfolded archery” to his YouTube channel. Andersen’s channel is a bit sparse, but most of his trick shot videos are real gems. Including this one in which he pulls off the world’s most difficult trick shot. And this one demonstrating the best way to shoot 1,000 arrows in 25 seconds.

Andersen notes in his video’s description that blindfolded archery is ridiculously difficult. It requires years of training to perfect. In fact, the archer says that even just a few years ago he would’ve thought the feat impossible. Quite a statement from somebody who can shoot “turning” arrows around walls.

Lars Andersen pulling off a no-look trick shot as a part of his video on blindfolded archery.

In the new video YouTuber Antony Cummins helps Andersen explain how the archer’s sightless trick shots work. Cummins notes that in the Japanese Samurai tradition, an inspiration for Andersen, blindfolded archery was possible for some—as well as hitting targets without looking at them.

To demonstrate his ability to shoot without looking, Andersen sets up and knocks down several types of targets. The archer shows how he can shoot an arrow through a stack of three wine glasses, while wearing a blindfold, with zero problems. He further ups the ante with multiple targets hanging from strings. And, finally, moving targets that he has to hit while wearing a blindfold and jumping through the air. (Jump-shooting kind of seems like Andersen’s signature technique and we’re here for it.)

Archer Lars Andersen shooting down targets while wearing a blindfold.

Despite the immense amount of practice—and failed attempts, probably—that Andersen had to put in to perfect his no-look shots, it’s still an easy pick-up for pros apparently. Andersen even shows how one particular young expert nails a bull’s-eye in the dark on his first try. Although that doesn’t hold a candle to what Andersen does with candles at the end of the video.

Featured Image: larsandersen23

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