Expert Archer Fires Deadly ‘Turning Arrows’ Around People and Walls

When Danish archer Lars Andersen showed off “a new level of archery” in a super viral YouTube video about three years ago, he blew people away with his bow skills, particularly in regards to his speed and agility. Now, in another rare video (he’s only posted 10 over the last six years), the Legolas-a-licious Andersen shows off his ability to fire arrows in such a way so that they turn in midair. Which means all those times somebody killed you with a bow in a video game when you were definitely out of their line of sight may have actually been justified.

In the clip, the narrator, who is not Andersen, notes that Andersen is able to manipulate arrow flight paths so that they change direction while in the air. The narrator goes on to note that both archaic Arabic and English sources say archers were able to hit targets that were behind objects, and that it is indeed possible for an arrow to hit an enemy who’s hiding behind something.

Although Andersen’s claims are clearly backed up by his myriad demonstrations–he can fire a “return arrow” for the love of Hawkeye–they still may be best taken with a grain of salt. There have been some expert archers who have taken issue with Andersen’s style and his claims about historical texts, and they say that all of his methods are only good for short-range shooting.

Regardless of people’s opinions, it seems difficult to argue with the fact that Andersen does possess some kind of unique archery skill. As well as enough confidence to fire a deadly arrow with a “large hunting tip” around a man. Note that the man protects what is most precious to him–and it’s not his face.

What do you think about Andersen’s latest archery video? Do you believe his technique is sound, or are these just tricks that would never be used in real battles? Fire your thoughts into the comments section below!

Images:  larsandersen23

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