Every Easter Egg from HAWKEYE Episode Four

We’re into the endgame now, people. Or at least the last half of Hawkeye is here. The fourth chapter of the holiday miniseries exposes some dark truths, sets Kate and Clint on different paths, and reintroduces some unexpected folk. While it’s pretty light on Easter eggs, we found some interesting nods to break down and some fun moments to theorize on. Let’s get to it!

The Hexagons Are Back
A still from Hawkeye shows Tony Dalton as Jack drinking out of a cup covered with Hexagons
Marvel Studios

Ah, remember WandaVision? Seems like a long time ago now but it was but a mere 11 months ago. During that first phase of the MCU’s new connected TV shows we noticed a pattern, literally: hexagons. They’d shown up throughout the MCU before, but they became a major visual thread during the tragic romance. The six-sided shape makes a major comeback this episode with a ton of the shapes on cups, seats, and fireplaces. In the Marvel’s Avengers video game, a hexagon is the insignia of Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.), whose goons have historically worn beekeeper-style suits throughout their comic book history.

Wait, They Don’t Know Each Other?

After the end of last episode we thought we’d be getting a shocking reunion between Clint and Jack Duquesne. Alas, it seems like they don’t have the history they share in the comics. In the comics, Jack (or rather Jacques) was Clint’s circus mentor. But here he seems to be a more run of the mill crook. Of course, they might have only come across each other while masked before or something, but we think that sadly that storyline might not make it into the MCU Hawkeye canon.

“So You’ll Forget This Case?”

Look, we’re not saying that Eleanor is a bad guy, but she’s definitely not acting in a good way. Especially as she thinks that if Hawkeye pursues the case with Kate, she might lose her daughter. Of course, at first it seems like that means Kate might die. But she doth protest too much, so this could also be about the fact that if the truth is revealed she could end up in prison meaning she would also lose Kate.

Even More Swords
A still from Hawkeye episode four shows Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye talking to Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop standing next to an umbrella stand full of swords
Marvel Studios

Look, we all already know that Jack’s comic book counterpart is Swordsman, but the ever multiplying swords are a really good gag. Not only do we see more appearing around the apartment but also in the umbrella stand and numerous other places.

The Truth About Sloan Limited

And speaking of things that hint that Eleanor might have a secret, her soon to be husband being the leader of the Tracksuit Mafia seems to confirm she’s up to no good. How would Jack keep that a secret? What could the long game be if Eleanor and Jack are in on it together? Could it be that he’s just working for Kingpin? We have many questions.

The Rolex

So we now know that the watch was definitely not Kang’s, sadly. It might have been Tony’s but it does seem to have belonged or been important to Clint and his wife Laura. We have some suspicions as to why that might be but we’ll get into those a little later.

Thanos Was Right (Again)
A still from Hawkeye episode four shows Clint Barton on a chair with multiple frozen cocktails taped to his body holding a Thanos is Right mug
Marvel Comics

After being shocked by the Thanos Was Right graffiti in the first episode, now Clint is just rolling with it. Lol at Moira Brandon having a Thanos Was Right mug in her house, and good on Clint for either not caring or making the satirical choice to use it. Honestly, Clint did commit his own kind of genocide so maybe he relates to ol’ purple toe.

A Very Hawkeye Christmas

One of the most famous issues from the Hawkeye series by Matt Fraction and David Aja that inspired the show is Hawkeye #6. The Christmas issue sees Tony and Clint decorating Clint’s apartment. That’s echoed here as Kate and Clint decorate Moira’s home.

Oh, He Really Is Ultimate Hawkeye

As Kate tries to cheer Clint up with her Christmas-themed evening, he shows off his Ultimate Hawkeye powers. He’s essentially like Bullseye and can hit any object with any missile. Clint showcases that here with his quarter trick, which he kindly shows to Kate.

Boomerang Arrows Are Cool, Actually
A page from Hawkeye #3 shows Kate and Clint arguing over the need for a Boomerang arrow
Marvel Comics, Matt Fraction, David Aja, Matt Hollingsworth, and Chris Eliopoulos

Another part of their little bonding session is Kate arguing the merits of boomerang arrows. While Clint has used them throughout his comic book career going back to some of his earliest appearances, this is a funny little inversion of something from the Fraction/Aja run. In Hawkeye #3, Kate is the one who’s like… what is the point of this? And it’s Clint who loves the trick arrow and thinks it’s great.

“I Was a Weapon”

This is less of an Easter egg and more of a subtle recognition of how militarized the MCU has been in its past. Clint’s little talk about how he was just pointed at the right targets to hurt stings because it’s really true of all of the Avengers. And it’s one of the MCU’s hardest to swallow choices, so this is a great bit of reckoning for Clint and the MCU itself.

Moira Makes an Appearance

Well, it’s just some fun headshots but hey she could be one of the founders of the West Coast Avengers so it’s important to point out! Also, if you see the poster that Kate’s having so much fun using as a white board, there are some fun crew shout-outs. Michele Moen is a Disney stalwart working on movies like Mulan. For a more Hawkeye-centric egg, Shawn Bronson is an art director on the show.

The LARPers Return
A still from Hawkeye episode four shows Hailee Steinfeld as Kate meeting with the larpers
Marvel Comics

While on a mission, Kate goes to meet Clint’s LARPing friends. And, of course, that means coming across the comic book members of the Death-Throws again. Here we’re properly introduced to Wendy Conrad. In Hawkeye, she’s an NYPD cop. But in the comics she’s a villain known as Bombshell. That’s directly referenced here as her bag literally features embroidery of the word “Bombshell.” Orville is here too, who in the comics is Oddball. And we even get to see Clint’s would be neighbor—and non Death-Throws—Grillz again! (We’re still trying to figure out Missy, though.)

“Belongs to Someone I Used to Work With”

Here’s either a big red herring or a massive hint that Laura Barton was Mockingbird. It would make sense as casting Linda Cardinelli as a simple wife character seems… like a waste. As Kate is in Maya’s apartment looking for the watch, Clint reveals that it once belonged to someone he worked with who’s “been out of the game a long time.” According to Clint, their identity is still attached to that watch. He also says “it would blow their cover.” Seeing as he says that, it makes us think it can’t be Tony Stark, who’s dead. So that sounds like he’s trying to protect his wife to us. But the MCU does like to have fun with us so we’ll have to wait and see…

The Masked Assassin

Oh, here she is. Florence Pugh, how we have been waiting for you. As Kate and Clint hunt down Echo, Yelena turns up to take down the man she thinks killed her sister. Clint believes someone has sent a Black Widow assassin after them, which is kind of true. But Yelena’s goodness/singular mission is hinted at when she shares a moment with Kate before Yelena throws herself over the rooftop. With only two episodes left, it’s unclear how or when the pair will face her again, but she’ll likely become an ally soon.

Black Widow All Over Again
Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh in Black Widow
Marvel Studios

As the battle on the roof gets heated, Kate falls over the edge of the building. It’s a direct visual flashback to the death of Black Widow and it’s something that makes Clint reconsider his partnership with the young hero. While Kate doesn’t die, it freaks Clint out, leaving the pair on bad terms as the episode ends. It’s a great setup for the final two episodes, plus it reflects where they leave off in that all important Hawkeye #6.

Thanking Those All Important Creators

Each week we go through the special thanks and decipher why they’re thanking each creator. This week we have two vital new additions to the list:

Devin Grayson: Co-creator of Yelena Belova
J.G. Jones: Co-creator of Yelena Belova

Featured Image: Marvel Studios

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