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The ETERNALS Trailer May Have Revealed the MCU Mutant Origin

We have long speculated that Eternals will lead to the arrival of mutants into the MCU. Even before we saw one shred of footage from it! After all, the Eternals’ mythology in the pages of the Marvel comics has long hinted at such a connection. But now that we’ve seen Eternals’ final trailer, we know quite a bit more. And the connections to a potential MCU mutant population seem even stronger than before. Let’s examine the evidence.

The Dreaming Celestial 

Tiamut, the Dreaming Celestial.

Marvel Comics

In the trailer, Salma Hayek’s character Ajak talks of “the Emergence.” She says “the sudden return of the population provided the necessary energy for the Emergence to begin.” While the Emergence could mean a few different things, we’re betting it refers to Tiamut, known as the Dreaming Celestial. This ancient being was sealed inside the Earth, after the betrayal of the other Celestials. The Emergence could refer to its reawakening. Which is probably not good news for humanity. It might want to cast judgment on humanity for meddling with the Infinity Stones. Or just for being a big disappointment overall.

Tiamut the Celestial towers over San Francisco.

Marvel Comics 

And if it is Tiamut, then this gigantic being has been slumbering in the Earth for eons. In the comics, the genetic experiments of the Celestials on early hominids created the X-gene in humanity. But for some as-yet unrevealed reason, the X-gene activated in the 20th century in a large scale way. Marvel fans speculated that the sleeping Celestial in the Earth gave off energy which resulted in the X-gene powering up in mutants. Could the MCU head in this direction? We’re thinking yes.

The Celestials Created the X-Gene

The X-Men and the Celestial Tiamut.

Marvel Comics

We imagine the MCU version is similar, but with some adjustments to the comics lore. Just as in the comics, the Celestials probably experimented on early humans, leaving the dormant X-gene in the DNA of humanity. This latent gene could explain some non-mutants too. How did Bruce Banner or Steve Rogers survive experiments that should have killed them? Latent mutant DNA, baby. It could also explain how those pesky cosmic rays don’t kill the Fantastic Four as well.

If Tiamut has slowly been re-awakening over the past few hundred years, that energy could have seeped into the Earth, which serves as its cocoon. All of this energy might have accelerated the X-gene activation in certain mutants. They might have already awakened, probably living in secret. This would explain certain older mutants the MCU would already need to be established. Think Wolverine, Professor X, Magneto, Mystique, and Apocalypse.

The war of the Celestials as shown in the comics

Marvel Comics

But the full awakening of Tiamut, kicked off by the Hulk’s Infinity Gauntlet snap, could kick start the emergence of mutants en masse. Millions of teens in the MCU hitting puberty could develop powers just as the ancient Celestial comes out of its egg. Of course, the arrival of mutants creates a new status quo in the MCU. Professor Xavier could start his school for this new crop of super powered teens. That’s how we might first meet Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast, and Angel. Unlike the old Fox X-Men universe, it’s clear the MCU mutants won’t be random mutations. The Celestials, the Eternals, the Infinity Gauntlet—as Kevin Feige is so fond of saying, “it’s all connected.”

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