Elizabeth Olsen Takes a Candid Approach to Lie Detector Test

Elizabeth Olsen is the latest to brave Vanity Fair‘s lie detector test, and the very honest Marvel star did not hold back. Over the years several celebrities have strapped in for the magazine’s daunting test. Usually, we get at least a few iconic gems from their attempts to make it through alive, from Keke Palmer’s iconic “Sorry to this man” meme to Pedro Pascal confirming that he is more daddy than Oscar Isaac. And naturally, Olsen’s visit with the daunting test was no different. In the 15-minute video, she talks about her famous sisters, Marvel hijinks, and her favorite Chris.

Probably one of the best aspects of the video is how seriously she takes it. It’s always fun watching celebrities squirm when asked about aspects of Hollywood life and their careers. But Elizabeth Olsen, clearly nervous, takes it mostly in stride. This is probably due to biggest hiccup occurring pretty early in the test.

During her one big alleged lie, Olsen may or may not have indicated her old high school classmate Danielle Haim—of the band Haim—isn’t an amazing actress. (Danielle appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, which starred her sister Alana.) It’s either that or she actually lied about liking Licorice Pizza. The moment was full of nervous laughter and chaotic energy. But was enough to set the rest of the test on track, meaning she did not hold back.

Elizabeth Olsen looks uncomfortable during Vanity Fair's lie detector test.
Vanity Fair

She also debunks John Oliver’s theory that Olsen’s sisters, Mary-Kate and Ashley, are just one person moving very quickly. Still, though, it is a very fun theory. And she announces quite clearly that despite appearing in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness together, she’s never met John Krasinski. Furthermore, she declares he is not the smartest man in the world—a nod to his certain Doctor Strange 2 character—because she firmly believes no actor is. As for her favorite Chris? You’ll just have to watch the whole hilarious thing.

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