Unsurprisingly, Pedro Pescal’s Lie Detector Test Is Charming as Hell

The internet is, on its best day, generally a mixed bag. But one of the things consistently bringing me joy lately is The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent press tour The film itself is an absolute delight. So far, we’ve gotten some real gems from Nicolas Cage, who returned to the late night talk show circuit for the first time in more than a decade. Now, we have Pedro Pascal taking a lie detector test for  Vanity Fair. And it is as charming as one would expect.

In internet terms, this is nearly 13 minutes of Pedro Pascal being chaotic. The Mandaorian actor really brings his A-game too. He reveals some very fun tidbits about his life and career. This includes admitting he does call Grogu by his iconic nickname, Baby Yoda—though never on-screen, of course. He also reiterates that despite playing Joel in The Last of Us adaptation for HBO, he is not good at the game. He laments over his inferior mustache-growing skills. (Nick Offerman, he is not!) And quite interestingly, he says he doesn’t consider himself a heartthrob.

Pedro Pascal saying I'm your Daddy while doing a lie detector test for Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair

The best bits, however, involve two things: his internet habits and Oscar Isaac. For starters, Pascal admits that he does, in fact, search for his name on Instagram and Twitter. He does so with a laugh so aggressive, it for sure hits the sweet spot of embarrassment meets pride. Further, he shares that he does look at the Insta fan accounts—especially when he’s looking for a boost.

Pascal is one of the more online celebrities, which I think makes his friendship with Isaac that much sweeter. Every Very Online person needs a Very Offline friend. Pascal’s seen the memes. Isaac will more likely learn about them in an interview, not dissimilar from Isaac only recently learning that the internet calls him Daddy. Pascal, meanwhile, has no issue telling Vanity Fair that while Isaac is a father, he is certainly more Daddy. As he puts it, “Daddy is a state of mind, you know what I’m saying? I’m your Daddy.”

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