Dunkin’ Announces New Limited-Time Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut

I take donuts very, very seriously. As a lifelong New Englander and occasional food critic I also have some very, very strong opinions about Dunkin’ Donuts. Also, I’ve spent years eating some of the weirdest, most absurd dishes you can imagine, all for the enjoyment of you, our dear readers. Now there is a new foodstuff that combines both my personal passions and professional responsibilities. And I don’t think I have the stomach to try it. Because there’s something sacrilegious about Dunkin’s new limited-time Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut.

The popular coffee chain has announced (in news we first heard at Candy Hunting) that the newest addition to its menu is a Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. Dunkin’s “first-ever pepper-packed” donut has a whole lot of heat. It features a classic yeast ringed donut ring covered in a strawberry-flavored icing “that features a bold blend of cayenne and ghost pepper.” It’s then “finished with red sanding sugar for a sizzling look.”

It does look hot. However, it can easily pass for a seasonal Christmas peppermint donut. And that is going to ruin some poor person’s day at some point.

Dunkin' Announces New Limited Edition Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut_1 Dunkin’ Donuts

“Halloween looks a little different this year, and so do our donuts. While our classic bakery offering has plenty of crave-worthy treats, we’re excited to show our spicy side with a donut that packs a touch of heat with something sweet and can be enjoyed any time of day,” said Jill Nelson, Vice President, Marketing Strategy at Dunkin’, in a press release.

The Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut will only be around for a “few hot minutes” though. It’s available nationwide at participating restaurants until December.

I don’t know if that’s enough time for me to muster up the necessary will to try one, though. I like spicy foods. But not everything needs a fiery version, especially donuts. They are amazing because they’re sweet and delicious and comforting. I don’t want one that will set my mouth and insides on fire.

I take any new item at Dunkin’ Donuts seriously, but I seriously don’t want to eat this.

Featured Image: Dunkin’ Donuts

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