Cute Dumpster Fire Toy Meets Iconic ‘This Is Fine’ Comic

Sometimes, it feels like the world is both a dumpster fire and a living embodiment of the “This is Fine” comic strip. As Olivia Rodrigo so eloquently puts it, “ it’s brutal out here.” So on days when you just cannot anymore, it’s reassuring to know you’re not the only one feeling that way. And that’s when you need this brand new vinyl figure from 100% Soft and KC Green. Nerdist is so happy to exclusively debut the “This is Fine” edition of the Dumpster Fire toy. Please enjoy it in all its glory.

A picture of the This Is Fine dog in a dumpster fire vinyl toy

100 Soft/KC Green

Artist 100% Soft, a.k.a. Truck Torrence, debuted the Dumpster Fire toy in 2019. People fell in love, inspiring additional editions of the figure. You can see why. The vinyl figure’s adorable smiling face makes the flames erupting from its top comforting. Like the toy is saying, “I know everything’s awful, but I’m right there with you.”

A dumpster fire vinyl figure with the This is Fine dog and box

100 Soft/KC Green

And now that feels even more true as 100% Soft has collaborated with KC Green, a.k.a. the cartoonist who made the iconic “This is Fine” comic strip. That art has launched approximately 1,000 memes. But this official collaboration takes the cake. This smiling, calm hound knows fire. He’s been deeply entrenched in the flames. Yet, here, he sits atop the dumpster fire holding his cup of coffee like everything is going to be fine. We almost believe him.

Dumpster fire vinyl toy with the This is Fine dog sitting on top of it

100 Soft/KC Green

This vinyl figure is the perfect fiery mash-up. Green did the box art for the “This is Fine” edition of the Dumpster Fire toy to make it even more appealing. A collectible figure and a collectible box. You can snag this absolute must-have on Saturday, July 24, at 11:00 a.m. PT from

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