DUCKTALES Stars Perform a Dramatic Reading of the Theme Song

Disney XD’s DuckTales is coming to an end with its third season. And the studio recently shared the reboot’s finale date: March 15. Scrooge McDuck and his adventurous extended family will get a 90-minute finale to wrap up all their lingering mysteries and storylines. We’ll miss the sharply humorous animated series. But hey, they did give us one rather terrific parting gift: a dramatic reading of the upbeat DuckTales theme song. Prepare to laugh.

Remarkable how even a dramatic performance still puts the theme song in your head on a loop, isn’t it?

I really appreciate just how many DuckTales cast members participated in this hilarious reading. The video features Ben Schwartz (Dewey), Danny Pudi (Huey), Bobby Moynihan (Louie), Kate Micucci (Webby), Beck Bennett (Launchpad McQuack), Paget Brewster (Della Duck), David Tennant (Scrooge McDuck), and Toks Olagundoye (Mrs. Beakley). These absolute professionals bring total gravity to lines about duck-blurs and derring-do. I can’t stop laughing.

Also: please appreciate the festive holiday sweater that David Tennant sports in the video.

Ben Schwartz performing a dramatic reading of the DuckTales theme song

Disney XD

The way each of them delivers the “woo-oo” parts of the theme song is particularly perfect. They’ve all made some artistic choices, which I appreciate. In fact, I might have this reading in the back of my head when I hear the iconic opening tune from now on. It’s almost as good as when we heard real animals perform the theme song.

New DuckTales episodes will debut on Disney XD every Monday beginning February 22 through the series finale. Executive producer Matt Youngberg and co-executive producer Francisco Angones told Deadline, “We set out to honor all those things that we’ve loved about DuckTales since we were kids and introduce new parts of that legacy for families around the globe. Along the way, our stellar crew, unbelievable cast and endlessly supportive fans have become a bit of a family ourselves. And it has been a great joy to solve mysteries and rewrite history alongside them.”

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