Flintheart Glomgold Sings an Evil Version of the DUCKTALES Theme Song

San Diego Comic-Con draws tens of thousands of fans, along with some of the biggest celebrities and properties in pop culture. But with all of the entertainment world’s eyes focused on the event, it also brings out some of its biggest villains too, even the animated ones. One of the most ruthless, greedy, and amoral people… or rather, ducks… in history tried to steal the limelight at this year’s SDCC. Performing his very own version of one of the most iconic theme songs in history, Flintheart Glomgold tried to turn DuckTales into GlomTales. And honestly? He kinda succeeded at it.

The Disney Channel shared this special Comic-Con Disney Theme Song Takeover of Flintheart’s personal re-imagining of the DuckTales theme in his own evil image. Performed by Keith Ferguson, who voices the character on the newest iteration of the show, what Glomgold’s rendition lacks in lyrical oomph it makes up for in comedy. “Uugggghhh – Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks!” might not be the most impressive lines we’ve ever heard someone/some duck spit out, but they definitely make us laugh. (You can find the song’s full lyrics below.)

As far as him singing “technically I’m Scottish as well” though, it’s time to give it up Glomgold. We know you aren’t. That’s baloney. Duke Baloney. It’s more believable you really are the “bravest, strongest, and most modest.”

Though in fairness, you did pull off your evil scheme this time. You got us to not only pay attention to you and forget about Scrooge McDuck for a second, you got us to enjoy your presence. Dastardly. And catchy.


Life is like an evil scheme, here on GlomTales
Sharks and bombs and Scrooge’s screams, it cannae GlomFail
Cannae top my grand plan, to beat that Scotsman
Technically I’m Scottish as well
Uugggghhh—Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks, Scrooge stinks
What’s next? Oh yeah!
C-C-C-CG, it’s so fancy O
nce Scrooge sees this, there’s no chance he
Cannae compete with the glory of GlomTales!
Bravest, strongest, and most modest, GlomTales!
Okay, we ran out of budget, but kids 6 to 10 will love it

Featured Image: The Disney Channel

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